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This release contains the first two mini-CDs from Morgoth, the pioneers of German Death Metal, because i think they have been the first in germany with this sound. Very straight forward DM with very good vocalwork - which often reminds me of Martin van Drunen and old Asphyx - so that it is much heavier than their later releases. Check out ,,Pits of utumno"! I think its their best one - No Trends here. Get some beer, put this in your stereo and bang your head to this masterpiece of pure Death Metal!

My rating: 8/10

Review by: Pestkrieg

Holly hell! This is the one that started it all for me, back in junior high when I was the only guy with hair down to his ass. Selected Killing is the most rip you up shit I've heard. The lows, the highs, the deep pounding throught your body from the tunes it's releasing.....this album is nothing other than a masterpeice! Get it!!!

Review by: Titus

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