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Just a bit above average, nothing special (like the rest of their releases). But this suffers from a bad production, which is quite important for this kind of music.

Review by: Flix

This cd offers the older versions of two songs that were later placed on Lake of Sorrow. In addition to this, there's a very nice bonus song that I really wish would've been released on Lake of Sorrow as well. Worthy of You and All Alone are both very good songs on Lake of Sorrow, and they both seemed to focus vastly on the violin (such as the 3 miinute long violin solo at the intro to Worthy Of You) on Lake of Sorrow. In these versions, the biggest difference by far is the absence of the violin, making them sound very different from their other versions. In no way is this a bad thing, though, since they're still very good songs, and it's always of interest to hear the versions of the song before they were put out on a full album. The vocals were mixed much smoother than on Lake of Sorrow, and they put much more emphasis on the gruff male vocals. As for whether or not that's a good thing... well, that's for you to decide. Overall, I give this an 8/10, points taken off for being only three songs, and the slight lack of a "professional" sound. Still good. Any fan of tSotB should take a listen to this.

Review by: Deatheaven

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