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An Excellent album, terrific violin use helps The Sins Of Thy Beloved to create their very unique sound.
Simply a master piece !!!


Review by: ahlan

This is better then Perpetual Desolation. Here you have much more interesting guitar harmonies and keyboards. This is more doomier and slower which fits them better. The kind of CD one can play over and over again without getting bored. Highly recommend it.

Review by: mactatuz

I was one of the many who got "perpetual desolation" first, and it really impressed me. Excellent female vocals, very (I repeat, VERY) good songs and lyrics. I thought it was a really good album indeed.
But then came an amazing "Lake of Sorrow"... Truly a masterpiece.

Review by: Axor

Excellent. Not much else can be said about this album. The fact that a violin takes a central role in the songs is very refreshing. The vocals (both male and female) are perfect, and the songwritting is supperb

Review by: donomaniaco

Lake of Sorrow was the debut album for what turned into one of the biggest flashes of Goth Metal out there. The Sins of Thy Beloved started off by proving that they were unique of any typical trends out there. The opening to the first song on the album, My Love, fades in to a gruff male grunt, and a symphonic instrumental feel. The violin adds a great deal of passion to the rest of the music. In addition to this, the lyrics are quite touching, as well as quite dark. The third song on the album, Worthy of You, opens up with a three minute violin solo, which is quite weird, considering that most people are used to three minute guitar solos opening up songs. The synth sounds and mixes between male and female voices to sing the songs provide a powerful, grevious feeling, and at the same time, provides a lovely symphony of music. Two of the songs, All Alone, and Worthy of You, were redone and re-released on this album, after being placed on their second demo album, entitled All Alone. A third song, Silent Pain, was also redone from an earlier version released on the first demo album. The greastest differences between the different versions of the songs is the absence of the violins in the previous versions. Good luck on finding the old copies, though, since a very limited amount of copies were made. Anyways, overall, I give this cd, made by the greatest Goth Metal band out there, a 9/10. A deep feeling that you'll never tire of, The Lake of Sorrow.

Review by: Deatheaven

This is the best album that the sins of thy beloved ever realsed! It got an great sound and wonderful lyrics!
I just love the female voice!
My favourite on the album is "The Kiss", the lyrcs is so deep and all!
Shortly said: This i the best album ever!

Review by: Minna

lake of sorrow is in my opinion one of the greatest gothic metal albums ever made, the violin is simply amazing. the combination of anita's and Glenn's vocals is just perfect. Nothing like ths band hail to the softb!!!

Review by: keeperofthe7keys

This is one of the best goths albums Iīve ever heard.
It sounds so deeply and their lyrics are excellent.I wolud give ths album a 10/10 The best songs on it in my opinion are All alone & Until the dark. Thatīs supreme art! XD

Review by: tarja_lp

I fell into the depths of my soul with this album. I was brought to my knees in emotion and still havent recovered. My favourite is silent pain, the vocals and the strings in this album are awe inspiring.

Review by: mordia_vladimir

this album is one of my favorite ones!!i was discovering this group and since this time, it becomes my favorite group!!

Review by: princess goth

Very good albun, i really love the sins f thy beloved,this band get feel that i`m feeling...very very good....T_T

Review by: tilu wolf

Damn...this one's just SO good...even the mighty Tristania cannot compete with this release!

Rating: 10 / 10

Review by: metal4ever

I never beleived that one day i would heard Norvegian Doom Metal!! And it happened!! And it is really nice to have bands like The sins of thy Beloved in youre metal collection. TSOTB play slow Simphonic Doom Metal with violine, melodic keyboards, and female vocal.All combined together souns verry melanholic especially the violine. The only bad think is that some of the songs are verry slow and somethimes the violine is too!!! I'll gave it 8.5

Review by: kiril

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