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great live performance from tsotb!!! this was recorded in poland krakow ( a tv performance ). they play numbers from perpetual desolation and lake of sorrow. a must have for the fans of gothic/doom music. great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: madrista666

A very excellent album, but quite difficult to listen at first.
Once you had enjoyed it, you won't want to leave it.
The first song - The Flame of Wrath is like a real flame. It starts in chaos, burning in your mind and suddenly turns to silence. But after that, it burns again, more and more. Hotter and hotter, the flame of wrath destroys everything in your mind. It starts to make you crazy with the smile of Anita.
The second - Forever, so good, so amazing. You can listen it so many times but never feel boring. It is because of the rhythm and the mixture of violin, soprano, extreme vocals and guitar. The atmosphere of Forever is so interesting.
The third - Pandemonium, also my most favorite song, is a very impressed song. You can feel the power of darkness. It swirls in the sky, drowns you into pandemonium, and also makes you scared. I enjoy the Black and Death vocals most.
The fourth - Partial Insanity, good but sometimes it's boring. But the soprano is very good.
The fifth - Perpetual Desolation. Although it's the title of this album, but not the best song. Normal rhythm, normal music. Nothing to compliment.
The sixth - Nebula Queen, good with the violin of Pete. His performance in this song makes me crazy.
The seventh - The Mournful Euphony, you will want to hear it more. Gloomy and Cold, all I can say about this good track.
The eighth - A Tormented Soul, quite good, but I don't like this.
The last - The Thing That Should not Be, a good and full-of-Goth cover from Metallica. I see a very different feeling with the one I felt in Master of Puppets. The violin and the extreme vocals are very good. A good ending for Perpetual Desolation.

Review by: gothmania

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