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This is a perfect dark album with a great atmosphere !
Screaming violin solo's in every song and the female voice
is in good conjunction with the growling male roars.
The recorded sound is also very good and in my opinion the songs on this album are of a 800% better writing-quality than "Lake of Sorrow". 10/10

Review by: ph.29666

what can I say about it loss of creativity and emotion just unnecessary grunts and violins just for using it.
It suxs...

Review by: semitrust

Perpetual Desolation adds a new taste to the lovely sound of The Sins of Thy Beloved. The intro to Flame of Wrath is very gothic, holds a very dark feel, yet it's quite powerful, as well. Most people who hear The Flame of Wrath seem to be quite interested in hearing the rest of tSotB's music, which is why it makes a very good intro song. Forever, the second song on the album, has a slightly brighter theme to it, starting out with a flowing rythm of violins and gracious lyrics, occasionally hitting a few sad points. The third song, Pandemonium, is my personal favorite. The beat moves from fast and hard to a slightly softer feel, as Anita begins here singing. It then returns to the fast beat it started with, and has some extra warped voices in the background ("Weak, ohh yes so weak"). The fourth song, Partial Insanity, has, again, a very grippingly powerful feel to it. Perpetual Desolation carries this on some more, but with a gothic feel to it, again. Nebula Queen, track six, starts out slower, and goes slightly back, to sound slightly more like Lake of Sorrow did. The song still retains the feel of the rest of this cd, but it has a very calm beat to it, compared to the rest of Perpetual Desolation. The Mournful Euphony carries on this slower beat to start out with, but the bells ringing and the gruff male vocals and repeating metal sound about halfway through the song preserves the killer powerful feel. A Tormented Soul, track eight, starts rather calm, like the previous tracks, but it breaks this and rocks like hell when the male vocals rise up again. Finally, to end a great cd, tSotB did a full fledged cover of the old Metallica classic, The Thing That Should Not Be. This is a good song in it's original version, but this version, a mere cover version, is purely mindblowing. The added feel of a gothic twist to this song was a stroke of pure artistic genius! Overall, this is the type of album that deserves a 10/10. The lyrics are poetic, and powerful, the violin adds a touch of moderate uniqueness, the blend of the vocals and the feel of the music are enough to make a true fan at heart feel everything from love to hate; everything from joy to sorrow. This is a must get for all fans of gothic metal, with a perfect blend of soft and hard beats.

Review by: Deatheaven

When the symphonic variant of gothic metal made it's rise, Sins of thy Beloved were part of the first wave of the gothic metal explosion with Lake of Sorrow.

That album was impressive to me as it featured 2 gruff vocalists (1 growl + 1 grunt) and a clean female vocalist, and 2 people on keyboards. Even though I was easy to impress back then, it was a good album, with it's sorrowfull violins and melancholical drama.

This album however, they took a slightly different turn. Still with the vocalists and keyboardists plus violins this album already overwhelms the listener at the first spin. Over the top, and massive, every bit of space is used in the sound. It's all over the place. You can audibly hear SotB tried to push the boundaries of gothic metal and tried to transcend it.

What I noticed was the use of electronics; slight vocal distortion on the gruff vocals, techno-effects on the synths (track 4), even an appearance of a 'robotic' voice at the end of a track. After a couple of listens, this doesn't bother me at all though, it seemingly complements the sounds perfectly.

The violins, which gave me a slight headache on the first album, are used to much effect on this album, in various roles. Same for the synths; from sound layer to haunting melodies to vocal powerbooster.

The overall sound on this album can be described as their last album, but with a slight leaning to the Kovenant - Animatronic sound.
I know this isn't an album you'd want your sound compared to but it describes the guitar sound well. Another thing that could be said to be slightly similar to Animatronic is the fact that although it's overwhelming and kick-ass at first, that experience wanes over time with repeated listens.

This isn't total fastfood like Animatronic however, and I dare say this is one of the better gothic metal albums around; at least in the over-the-top drama and theatrics category (damn the way that female vocalist moans in some of the songs..). I just wish they hadn't done the Metallica cover though (The Thing That Should Not Be...quite literally). Although on paper it might sound like a good idea to do an over-the-top version of a Metallica song with violins, grunts and moany female vocals, in practice it's not.


Review by: Egregius

to me it seems worse than previous album - vocals are really baeutyful but there is too much of them 6,5/10

Review by: slayerr

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