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This band is great! Symphonic Gothic Black Metal. Tristania is the creator of a different stile of metal. In this album Vibekeís voice is like an Opera. Here we have more parts with Ostenís clean voice. When Morten sings we can feel the deepest abyss of our minds, his powerful voice have a perfect harmony with Vibekeís voice. Opus Relinque is a heavy song, very creative. Thereís nothing that I can say, only that Tristania rules.

Review by: Gothic.Cadaveria

This is the second album for the allmighty gothic band from Norway...this is the last album with Morten Velland (vocals) before he left the band (now in sirenia)...all i can say that it`s really nice gothic metal album with angelic female vocal..if u like widows get this album WITHOUT A QUESTION

Review by: Ancient

Tristania's " Beyond the Veil" should forever be regarded as a catalyst for Goth-Doom standards. Bombastic drum beats, choir and symphony elements; combined with Velands and Vibbeke Steines flawless vocal performances, makes Beyond the Veil probably one of the best, if not the best, goth-doom release of all time. 10/10. Forrest.

Review by: Forrest

Beyond the Veil----this is an excelent album, tristania is great simphonic black doom metal, u must hear this album 10/10

I Also want to say ... that world of glass is pretty good album but i'd say they sound little bit diferent, but in the good way, the dark atmosphere is still there...

anyway...tristania only puts great albums for ya to listen...go and get this one......won't dissapoint you

Review by: franckcho

this album is a TRUE MASTERPIECE. its takes you to outworld, a total ecstasy. songs like Angina is so fucking perfect and... theres no words. buy it with your shut eyes

Review by: lobotomy

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