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Still very good, as the first album. But why is the cover so ugly ?

Review by: farvardin

Good album. They add atmosphere part to their raw and misantropic black metal. Sarah Jezel Deva sang on one song and made a better job than on the horrible Cradle of... Anyway, if you enjoy "black metal roots" with quite good atmosphere this album is for you and, sorry, I think the front cover looks very nice!!

Review by: Quintessence

I just love this kind of psycho-black metal theese guys make. Their whole concept and song structures is very original. I find myself being amazed every time i here this piece of art. It`s not so brutal, not so fast and actually its very simple. But somehow Tulus manage to find their own sound, their own area in the black metal genre. Just listen to the crazy drums in the title track. In some mysterious way the can make the monotony in "Gravstenskugge" sound interesting.
The only thing to complain about is the layout in the booklet. Lots of pictures of the singer/guitarist Blodstrups hands is not that funny to watch. But hell, the cover is cool.
I truly like "Mysterion". Buy it. It`s a real thrill!

Review by: winterspell

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