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I suppose that for this creeps it’s cool to look like a Panda Bear, and they think their parents may be proud of them just because they stole grandma’s make up….Being evil it’s not so easy boys …..But talking about their music, it’s a typical Black metal band, harsh voices, a very bad troll imitation, I love Satan, you know, the same Scandinavian procedure of “Try not to make a good album”.

Review by: Zamzack

A very very strange and original album, as you can see from the cover. The bass is quite "psycho" (walking bass), and the lyric so non conventional (Ulvemelk og trollsmør = wolf milk and the mother troll !).

Yet it's still true black metal for the mood and sound. I'd consider it close to black metal art such as Trelldom, Sort Vokter, Burzum, Ulver's Nattens Madrigal etc.
I guess such great Art wouldn't please most fans of the new wave of commercial "black metal" (Dimmu Borgir, Emperor).

Definitely for the open narrow minded people only ! :)

It's a masterpiece. 9/10

Review by: farvardin

Very fucking good album. Here you've got all that you want : grim vocals, good riffs and the fucking groove of the old Bathory or Venom stuff. Respect. I don't find their make-up very ugly. it looks very different than other trendies or posers!!!!!

Review by: Quintessence

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