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Totally Fucking Killer! These guys are by far the best U.S. metal band today! Check 'em out or die!!!!!

Review by: blackavatar

Some of the gayest fucking "melodic death" I have ever heard. These faggots are from Texas and try to pull off some sort of Naglfar "Vittra" mixed with the first Dawn record and some obscure B.M. Someone told me to listen to this because the "Guitars kicked ass!" -obviously he wasn't a guitarist. Avoid this unless you are not worried about contracting the H.I.V. virus.

Review by: varathron

Alright we all know this a fucking great band but this album is a bit disapointing, Varathron is overreacting. It's not gay music. It's melodic as a lot of Death metal bands.
this album 6 out of 10, PS 9/10

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

This is definitely one of the worst Black Death Metal albums I´ve ever heard, and i heard quite a lot. These guys look like school-kids and sound the same. There´s nothing evil, sinister, sombre or violent on this one, just a trendy product for trendy people, and a sterile, boring sound too.

Review by: Necroking

I first heard this disc two years ago, and I love it now as much as I did when I first heard it. People seem to talk down about the production, but I think the music is awesome despite the fact that the sound isn't up to par. But I can think of many atmospheric black metal c.d.s that are awesome with bad production, this one included! These guys are masters of their art!

Review by: enowen

Thsi Band Fuckingly Kick asses from all points of view... One of the best black metal ever heard...These melodies are fuckin awsome ans as a guitar player myself, the solos fuckin rulz... okay it's not as Children of Bodom... But they're so fuckin melodic...its like you can feel all the pain when you listen to it... these guys did awsome jobs on this album and i really want to say that all the geeks that say bad things about this album are nothin more but a band of *get a life bunch of nerdz*!!!
Vesperian Sorrow You fuckin rulz !!!

Review by: vempire777

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