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go and buy the`s kind of symphonic melodoc black reminds me of dimmu borgir at there earlier days..if u dont have money sell ur clothes or ur car and go buy the album!

Review by: Ancient

Very good album, it's sometimes a little bit boring but the grunts are good. Especially the last song is very nice with very clean vocals and good melodic music.
This album is much more than the average black/death metal record BUY IT or copy it, JUST HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

This disc is fucking brilliant! Never did I think that band of this caliber would come from the states. The sound, the production, the music, it's all here! I'm very suprised these guys aren't on Century Media or some label that will support them properly.

Review by: enowen

Wow, this release was great, it's easy listening smooth melodic black. There's some great use of keyboards here, creating a dark, a bit spacey even, atmosphere. The production is great and so is the playing; mid to fast paced guitar riffing supported by some nice drumming, all very varying. You should definitly give it a try if you're into a more melodic kind of black.

Review by: sgurd

"Psychotic Sculpture" has quickly found itself a place in my 'all time favourites' list.

The reason I love this album so much is because it's one of those albums that can compliment whatever mood I'm in (Novembre's "Classica" is similar in this respect). Rather than just giving off a 'negative vibe' as a lot of extreme metal bands do, Vesperian Sorrow are also able to lift you up. Don't get me wrong, Vesperian Sorrow are also capable of being brutal and aggressive. The drumming on the title track is one such example. Another is Donn Donni's vocals - these are most definitely of the extreme variety. On the final track, "Odyssium", there is a female vocalist who seems to provide the ying to Donn Donni's yang. In fact, there seems to be a lot of yings and yangs in this album. The beautiful violins balance the brutality of the drums out. The thrashing guitars are balanced out by the calming (although at times sinister) keyboards. The inclusion of violins in the intro of "Spiral Symphony" is awesome and the short "The Singularity" is a pleasing keyboard track.

This album is beautiful, yet aggressive.

(I know this is a bit naughty, but I copied some of this review from my website - Don't worry, I wrote it originally!... but since it's highly unlikely that you've been to my website then it really doesn't matter!)

Review by: Loucifer

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