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Nature, ,skies montais snow... it's getting too boring! I Still didn't hear Visions, but have all others cds. I must tell this is the best one. Vintersorg is creating his own and unique music with intersting musical constructions and technology's help ;)

Review by: severino

This album is quite different from what they've done before,more accesible,more simplistic sound ,but with greatful lyrics.It's a gate for what it will have followed - a new "vision" of hole life - "from the spiral generator".I like "A Dialogue With The Stars" and "The Enigmatic Spirit".It is an omogen album,quite far from those old viking elements which appeared constantly in old albums,but the powerful Vintersorg's voice keep the tide which defines Vintersorg creation.

Review by: dark_codru

One of the BEST metal albums i've ever heard..."Dialogue with the Stars" is a masterpiece, and his cover of Uriah Heep's "Rainbow Demon" Is killer. 10 outta 10.

Review by: legacyovkings

This is the best Vintersorg album!You must get it.It's a perfect combination of clean and black vocals!I love "A dialogue with the stars"
Vintersorg forever!

Review by: meshuggah

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