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With impatience I waited for this album, hoping, that it will be logic continuation of "Cosmic Genesis". "Visions..." is good album for me, but unfortunately on it very few those flying forward & fascinating melodies which so distinguished its predecessor. From pagan spirit of the first albums did not remain also a trace. Vintersorg drown in abysses of metaphysics and various unearthly geometry more deeply. Now began fashionable to name it word "to progress". New CD it is good in own way: Different structures, excellent work of musicians. Especially it would be desirable to allocate Steve Di Giorgio. Maestro as always at the top but as it seems to me, bass here too pushes the authority other instruments. But in any case it not a disposable album.

Review by: Morkh

9,3? This is EASILY the least convincing effort by Vintersorg. It does have it's moments and it's by any means very different from previous works, but unfortunately most of it doesn't really work out all that well. This album is by far inferior to Cosmic Genesis and, say, Till Fjälls. The people who rated Cosmic Genesis a 3 definately forfeit the right to be taken seriously as it already stands among the best albums in Metal released in the new millennium. I rated this a 7 still, because the vocal parts are still amazing and the album has a few highlights. Production is good too, for what that is worth... But this record generally lacks atmosphere and emotion when compared to earlier Vintersorg and most of the compositions just aren't interesting enough.

Review by: Zenith

i dont like ,and i am open minded-too far away from all this viking-black metal-epic stuff.Dissapointing

Review by: iudicium

I don´t like any of Vintersorgs albums with english lyrics.
I still think their swedish lyrics are better. Who knows? Maybe bacause i´m a swede myself ?
However, I don´t recognize Vintorsorg with their new style.
Sorry all fans. That´s how I think!
Thanks again for the greatest metal-archive website ever!

Review by: Gustav_

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