The Serpent & the Sphere

1. Birth And Death Of The Pillars Of Creation

Deity forged architecture
Swirling in and out of form
Enveloped in the arms of dark matter
Towers...mercurial and flowing...

My work is done

From an antediluvian bane
Collapsing in and out of form
Embodied in a cradle of absence
Pillars...mercurial and flowing...

My work is done

By way of light acros s a vast millennia
I can behold this grandeur at its infancy
Though I know it has already passed away a millennia before

My work has begun...

2. (Serpens Caput)


3. The Astral Dialogue

The firmament above the horizon of history
Heathen fires burn the ancestral night
Esoteric figures move across the
Arcane plateau with their
Symbols engraved in the sky

The astral plane and the lineage of the past
An abstract interwoven archive

Languages of the gods, spoken in sidereal tongue
Divinities of the stars
Illuminate in runes of man

At the creation's hollow, a sudden white light gleams
Like a wayward sentient spirit in the mire
Of space and time
Gods sire and propagate here
Under divine law of the opus magnum
Evolution of a language to come

4. Dark Matter Gods

Cast away in solitude between the divide of dimensions
Frozen in timeless aura, a catalyst of colors
The abyss...
I was born in the fibers of oblivion; the saturnine keeper of mystery
and malevolent patriarch of chaos

...they fade into the shadows I cast... (evermore in sorrow)

Darkness! Chaos! A malediction! An abomination!!

...they fade into the silence I keep...

Dark Matter Gods
The abyss is the elder of time
Dark Matter Gods
The void is the archetype of being

For each step; nihility, a paradox, an epoch, a quantum crevasse...
Worlds are lost in my path

...t hey fade into footsteps I leave...

Dark Matter Gods
The dark mass is the father of all

5. Celestial Effigy

"Teach me your mood, O patient stars!
Who climb each night the ancient sky,
Leaving on space no shade, no scars,
No trace of age, no fear to die."
[- Emerson]

"My allegiance is with the inner self
The dark celestial voice of wisdom
Beyond the dust that is this world."

There is a voice adrift in the starless
and marble black dark space
A voice of wisdom and purity
Beyond the vestiges of sanity
There is a voice deep in the darkest places
calling...haunting me...
Where no light bears a shadow
Where no time escapes unhallowed

I am compelled to dissolve
into the eternal unknown eidolon
A voice that leads to a world beyond
a mere mortal's most profound dreams
Yet I know...
There is no turning back from here
There is no place for the undeserved
Gone are the relics!

"Teach me your ways
Of hatred, unlight, and death
I offer myself to your wisdom
My allegiance is with the elite!"

There is a voice adrift in the darkness
calling...calling me...
A whisper of wisdom and purity
Beyond the vestiges of sanity
There is a voice deep in the starless
and marble black dark space
Where no light draws a shadow
Where no time escapes unhallowed

"An effigy; a gift from another kind"

In the glow of a distant aurora light
No dreams shall take form
Gifts dwell in the depths of
things unspoken
this night...

6. Cor Serpentis (The Sphere)


7. Vales Beyond Dimension

I have arrived at the corridor of infinity; the great hall where the ages are kept
Behind ancient ash and primordial iron
The past is a mirror...aeons exist in a myriad cast
The vale before me; my own reflection

Another stands at the doorway of the maelstrom; a visionary to guide me through
Cracks reveal themselves in patterns of the distance
The past is a sphere
A mystic shape, a mode of knowing
A godless, perfect form in the quietus of passing

Between the vales of existence and the miasmic landscape of consciousness
The fabric of being has withered away; no longer there waiting for me

I have peeled away layers of my humanity
No longer a being, the core of entity
For each layer reveals the key to the gates of the multiverse

Through the doorway of a shaman's reality
A universe within the skull

Alas I stand at the threshold of dimension
The macrocosm has revealed itself as a towering serpent spire
The past has shattered...aeons subsist only in countless shards
The myriad cast of the vale; a thousandfold reflection

8. Plateau Of The Ages


9. (Serpens Cauda)


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