Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom

1. Primeval

2. Shrouded in Blinding Light

A glimpse of the fathomless splendour
consumes the mind, tears at the flesh
cohesive blackness, a singularity
shoots a flare of shadow afar

The cosmic apparition
Concealed center of the quasar
Shrouded in blinding light
Smothers the stream of stars

3. Currents of Detestation

Great chasm in the skies
distorts the ages
a portal to the unknown
The spiraling gateway
what wonders lie beyond
this stellar dark mist
ravenous, vast, achromic void
firstborn of sun
the eater of worlds
Implosive currents of detestation
Strength of a billion suns
draws time to a stop
Matricidal celestial infant
it’s jaw wide agape
lures all into the abyss

4. Feeding the Void

Volleys of Colours Collide
Brilliant ashes, shining with cosmic radiance
Phenomenal sight, sublime in its glory
The searing light, quenched by lurking emptiness
Matter streams over the edge and into oblivion
The spiraling void, black center of the luminous iris
Feasts upon the earthly carcass
Ferocious hunger, stretches further

5. Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom

From which nothing escapes
All life is born
The incomprehensible paradox
Far above the skies
Echoes from outer voids
Undefined subtle clues
Of the dark heart
Pupil of the searing maelstrom
Projects the essence of (the) stars
Celestial bodies
mangled remains of dead stars
Waiting to be disrupted once again.
As flies are drawn to the light
World's hurl towards their inevitable death
So the infinite cycle continues

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