Almyrkvi / The Ruins Of Beverast

1. Almyrkvi - Asomatous Grove

The night's charriot disembarks headed for the atemporal forest
Skies immured, and darkness falls
Pestiferous moribund menaces disgorge hellish tongues of magma

A cluster of growls
Their vociferous howls
Forebode the ephemeral
Imprisoned within the asomatous

Ethereal emerald stream
Tainted by the igneous
Scorching fires gleam
Astral scythe is lowered

Beating labyrinthine paths
Hounded by the snarling feral beast
Empyrean nonpareil impaired
The tarnished cloak elails
Caliginous craft charges

2. Almyrkvi - Managarmr

Gushing from the pores of reality,
Embraced in umbral shadows

Thaumaturgic silver steeds,
Drag a shroud of spectral brilliance
Tapering towards a bleeding golden throne,
Where ethereal flames burn bright
Blazing beyond pristine spires,
Guarded by sharpened fangs
An achromic aperture,
Opaque ramparts reveal

Crumbling bridges paved by splinters,
Stelliferous plasma of celestial stallions
Slowly slithering through furrows
Of shimmering arcane ruins

Snared by claw and consumed by hatred
Devouring the Moon

3. The Ruins Of Beverast - The Grand Nebula Pulse

No measures in this sempiternal void
Somnambulate in searing stellar heat
Slow cataclysmic embers,
Sheer luminal presence
Colours like bodies,
So imperious their voice...

Appearing the redeemer, unearthly idol
Writhing pulsating spirit
Nebular silence, a wistful
Spell of the sleepless
colours like bodies,
so menacing their chant...

Sól, you keep a core rife
With souls that burn my skin
Grant me dead water for my sins to dwell
And for dawn, will you leave it here
The nebula onto all
Of us will pray for night no more.

We'll pray for night no more.

4. The Ruins Of Beverast - Hunters

What remains from Earth below
Is to celebrate in suspicion
Some shame never forgotten
Terrene weapons never rot

This body is a menace
Cosmocenotaphic spirit pulse
Pray for us to join your chants
When stellar dust dissolved
Restores the sphere to black

Yet behold the sphere illuminated
Speak no evil word, fear no curse bygone

The charriot is coming!

See the sphere illuminated
A new burden for the sun

The wolf is coming back!
The charriot is coming!

Sól, irate sibling
My burden is embraced
With this horizon drawn,
I am one prey to be haunted
And I bow to your light as I am it
I am you

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