1. Vaporous Flame

I have seen the starlit celestial streams of fractured time
Forming vaporous tongues of ethereal flames
Where the amaranthine eye, ever burning, forever yearning, gazes into oblivion

I have witnessed asterisms of black planets entwine
The instruments of eternal eclipse forming
Efflorescing into a pristine lunacy
Delirious aberrations descend into the unknown in fear

2. Forlorn Astral Ruins

To traverse across the vast astral expanse
Vivid semblance of the bleak iris
Merging with the hollow, fathomless darkness

Disembogues from the wolf's jaw
Slithers across across the skies
Forlorn astral ruins
Remnants to unfold


A melding of fire and ice
Bridge paved, from celestial stellar artifacts
Achromic shrines, fragments of a senile star

Appraising the desolate opaque sky
Reveals eximious beacons of a bygone era

3. Severed Pillars of Life

Umbral enveloping stelliferous fog
Within the empyreal heart
Where the earthly turns to vapour
The physical crushed under its unyielding atrocity
Forgotten archaic horrors await, lurking in its trail

Severed pillars of life circled by light, profound hysteria and insanity triumphs

4. Stellar Wind of the Dying Star

Emerging from the great celestial chasm
Stellar wind of the dying star
Spreading across the vast
Cosmic infinite, astral oceans
A fiery deluge slithers
Macrocosmic ablation

Underneath a sinister, crimson radiant sky
A golden alpenglow, beyond the summit arises
The infernal lustre of a nameless entity

Ascend into and beyond the unknown

5. Cimmerian Flame

Submerged by luminous cinders
Lacerated terra firma
Swarming in sheer
Arcane brilliance
A gleaming combustion

Birthed in a cosmic blaze
Cimmerian flame
An immersion of an infant lucida

6. Fading Hearts of Umbral Nebulas

Incantations of the incorporeal
To the igneous nucleus of an asomatous nebulae
Immured by a virulent, nebulous haze

The collapsing ethereal sphere shatters
Disembodied in a violent implosion

Merging from its mangled fragments
A teratoid splendour from the ashes has arisen

For within the infernal fading amethyst mist
Lie the foundations for the immaculate
From the deleterious
The eminent appears

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