1. III-1

Within your womb, another me would be reborn

Being one with you again and you will carry me within

Suffer from my weight inside
My bones will come from your bones
Your blood will create mine

Your heartbeat synchronised with mine

Sharing skin, a souvenir with its own essence
Far beyond beliefs and the pain that brought us here

A walk through the field of aborted others cradles

Closing my eyes and smelling their presence

Turning stronger and getting to live past that

2. III-2

Numerous howling bites

Communion through skin and teeth
My rotten bites marking your flesh

Through skin and teeth

The comfort of your screams, so serene while witnessing pain

Let me vibrate via your suffering
Losing senses
Being myself for once
Oh, your dreams, you abort them like foetuses

All which is abandoned is not forgotten
All ends up in me and grows within

From a simple violence arose a round of variations
The decline of you through that fall
Reaching one's abyss, rising elsewhere

3. III-3

Holding your face
You, linked with us by blood

Making you stare at the horizon
Blocking your sight for you will not be allowed to see my face rot

Nor my eyes turning lifeless nor having any longer the aura of comfort you once sought

Will not talk, dry tongue and dead throat

4. III-4

Only my hands could provide the rest and suffering
Only those hands will be our link
You'll learn to enjoy those caresses and restrictions

Be them on your throat, the violence on your body

You will have to end up loving our only valid link

Those pains so useful, enhancing to a higher state
Embrace them, hold them
Without form yet so strong

Oh no, you won't be holding them as comfort at first

Though they will make you complete

5. III-5

Finally being one or finally being something
Vision of life will slowly differ, as hours pass
You had years, empty years and now those hands are affecting time and space
Weightless body, gasping for air

Visions and colors will change
Steal them, get attached now
You never did care before and now you know this is your last opportunity


That violence, so feared is now making you change
Changes but not gaining any more value
The pressure on your throat, its variation
Violence and variations

6. III-6

Oh no, no one will ever remember you
Nor me, since all this will be unseen, untold, forgotten and neglected
Of no value anymore, if you ever had any

Well, those few final hours

I will not deny you somehow managed to get me
All for you

See it in my eyes, oh I cherished your body under my hands
Paying attention to your dying breath, diving into this final glance

I am so not you, you are all I ever wanted to be
Am not smashing a mirror with you
Those thousand pieces do not reflect me
Would have fucked you until you loved me, until having to hear you say that there is nowhere else for you to go now
That you just belong here now
Until the final variation

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