V: The Inside Scriptures

1. A Heart to Judge

Everyone I hate is forever by my side and with a smile I can affirm
they will never go. So I ask: „Who will betray me now?“ I belived in you,
did you ever belive in me? Even just once? How could I tell anyway…? You fed me lies
upon lies, swallowing those insidious snakes and turning me into one. Bow your head and pray,
among the sinners and believers, that specific burnt scent, suffocating while breathing ashes
of devotion, lungs filled with the burnt souvenir of loved ones. With my hands, I rip out and present my heart for your judgement. Chin up high with pride I would have, closed my eyes in trust, scorched ears with venomus talk. Oh, the others, how they invade me. When did one allow such things?
You caress made me believe that hurting anyone would never be a goal you could not keep.

2. Her Feet upon the Earth, Blooming the Fruits of Blood

Walking to commit sin. Walking to denounce, to harm, to end, make them turn away, from prayers and children, from your Gods, into light. Wresting distance from Gods, staying closer to the ground, those feet are what allows us to bring the message to destination, to greet the noble. Take the distance from the Gods. Walking to commit sin. Walking to denounce, to harm, to end, make them turn away, from prayers and children, from your Gods, into light. And the day will come when its feet will trample the south, and the druits of blood will bloom upon the trees as it passes. Bloated with pride, make the earth crack under your steps, the bodies streched and the mountains swallowed by the earth. No matter the distance, man will be struck by her song and the one whi will have recognized him in prayer and praise his presence on his knees. A labyrinth of prayer, a space infinitely restricted with cubits. Get closer to the earth, exalt the feet that bring the messenger to distinction. The elevation of Aosoth having no groudn to touch.

3. The Inside Scriptures

Bring those pieces of mirror back, hold them tight, until the blood runs on your vein and colors the pale: watch but never trust the mind, who play the tricks? Oh, I play the tricks. Putting my fingers and checking if all the marks are still here, I read myself. I could read inside you with my hand and know… Now motivated by revenge and violence. Those hands were indentity assasins, without removing skin, but letting what is within to break out. Deep ocean without waves or tide, heartbeat as pulse generator, two kings with broken masks, Janus sharing same breath, ruling over broken bones, where now childless mothers cry alone. Land of the missing and shadows, buning spheres above and below, cover sins; deny they exist. Blood is the only stream, the only flow; sing yor farewell to love.

4. Premises of a Miracle

Walking alone upon the Earth, Never expected to feel the light again, Neither exposure nor Revelation for you to see. In days, in the night's death, quietly waiting in a hall of mirrors reflecting a faded self. For those whose life ended today, it means one failed yesterday. Looking for answers or stains on her body, the death of trust, fragments of an illusion...Still defending the miracle of essence of what was once. And while I might hide & feel at & safe and, not even you could see, but I still just fill myself with lies. Adding fear & hate to the ghosts walking with me, and since out of us two, I might be the only one to go on, will I have to write down your story, would it make sense to expose,... With a caress of your hand : The will to do whatever it takes, in your name, at all cost... I embrace & accept my fate.

5. Contaminating All Tongues

A storm raging under quiet sea, a heartbeat drowning the pounding fists of constrained reality. The disdain that denies the day & closes the door on life. The determination behind the waning crescent moon. A voice whispered :
I'm Silver, reflected in bones & bones reflected in silver. I'm both Scythe & crops & the cord wrapped around the infant's neck. I'm the word that contaminates all tongues. The seed carrying the last breaths of Legions, the wolf licking its teeth outside the children's den & the inky black holding the world in slumber. I am the grey pastures where sick creatures come to feed & the congregating ghosts putting all horses to sleep. I am the Chimera commanding the Reaper to his knees & the sleep you sleep until all dreams are dead.

6. Silver Dagger and the Breathless Smile

Live among your demons, Nights without end - Eternal. The damaged hand caressing a doll, a silver dagger & hidden smile. It isn't sweet, she devours me with her blank eyes & breathless smile, providing me what I want. Drops of blood and sweat encircle wrists - each scent to recall and stimulate senses fitting like a glove, hate as a surrounding skin and bones trembling, watching each Phalanx one by one, remembering where they were, and their purpose, all at once without warning, she stood there close to me with each chant, she could hear my heart beat more and more she stares at me; I do not expect any more than she has to offer. Fertile womb destroyed, I exhale in welcome, disgusting offering to God, I will let you wear my skin and shine through my scars, such beauty, pure and free, I open up my heart and let you shine.

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