Aphonic Threnody
Of Graves, Of Worms, And Epitaphs

1. Aphonic Threnody -
Scorched Earth

Ashes to ashes
Wind scattered, the last remains
Dusk is a thief
That kills the light of the day

Burning pictures
Images fading through the flames
In the fire
I throw my memories and all the pain

Loss and regret
My only friends till in point of death
I'm coming to you
My beloved, this is the end

I survived you
While you were fading away
Now I can see
There's a way through those flames

Burn pain, burn away
Burn in the flames
Burn the grief from my face
Burn, for you I burn myself away

Scorched earth
In the blackness just ashes carried in the wind
A death-like silence is all that's left once again

2. Aphonic Threnody -
The Last Stand Against the Gloom

Walking a stairway leading to the highest of the common graves
Cemeteries for the masses and ode to the nameless Mother Death

Crepuscular light shines on those pathways
Where darkness belongs to millions of deads' eternal rest.
Beware of those ruins of unhomed human natures.
Behold those synagogues and shrines beyond life.

Amongst mausoleums and open coffins
mankind builded the last steps trying to reach the divine.
They call it highgate, the highest place on the way to the heavens
But it's just another place of filth and broken dreams.

Millions of corpses laying grey and corrupted under those tombs,
where arrogance tried to build up a last stand against the gloom

3. Frowning -
In Solitude

A soundless scream in this endless silence
The void is the only thing that walks beside me
Godforgotten my steps search for their way
Touched from the coldness I am growed

It feel's like I'm the only one that inhabit this place
It seem's like that I'm lost in this lonleyness
Is their a chance to get out of this?
Am I free when I die?

Wrath, Despair
Sorrow, Rage
A plague of emotion
The daylight dies
I am lost

4. Frowning -
Funeral March

Silent moving on this small path
Between these stones of sorrow

A dead walking pestilence
A plague of sorrow
A cold breeze breath their souls away
Why your life has been taken?

The longing is madding me into suicide
My tears are puring down to your tomb
So big is the missing
So unberable is the pain

The sorrow bigger than the desire to live
Time will pass
My memories will fade

Your casket disappears in the darkness
Let's disgarge we will never see us again
So quick the life will pass
So quick all will fade
Soon I will be with you under the ground

Suicide is the solution of my sorrow

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