Sideshow Symphonies

Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies (2005)

1. Hibernation Sickness Complete

probing a voiceless void
searching for a closure
poisoned tentecles from the past
are tumbling closer

mood set
on full scale regret
peaking an all time low
distorted patterns no sight with this latern
but a bleak recollection of something undone

a banished vanished presence
of the unspeakable secretive kind
the uttermost shame is its essence
the septic transforms the shellshocked and blind
a nightmare released a terrible disease
lurking behind a thin wall of sleep
the jail-bars of a stimatized keep

across the crumbling layers
a tricky haze of control
beyond matter the untouchable scatter
the cracks are beginning to show
small gaps out of time with riddlers entwined
looking over my shoulder for some kind of cover
all I can find to bring peace of mind
is that this bloodstained route
will carry the strangest of fruits
not to turtn away tainted
but look into the deep and weep
hibernation sickness complete

2. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer

mechanical shutdown due to reactorcore meltdown
and outdated parts collapsed and discharged
autopilot on emergency power from
random fuel devoured
red alert sirens sighing
rusty pipelines dying
empty hull shatter into cold dark matter
unknownspacepioneer the end draws near
what once was acrobatically flying
is now burnt out and dying

now that I am shipwrecked
a piece of shit falling
through space and time
moaning oh why oh why did not I
just stop in time

knowing the answer I am dirty as a cancer
once a virus like me is set free
old grim flashes his grin
and violently introduces
a shortcut for loosers

drop all illusions as I pop the next fuse in confusion
trenscending the mind evolving past mankind
unknownspceadorer toxicwasteexplorer
lost in free will time stand still
full front on

drifting hire in the outer rim
as a piece of spacejunk
no valuables within
a scraphead of sin

too much acid in these batteries
leaking out its filthy grease

disband all current settings to standard default
fall and arise you diamond of lies
you know what is wise
fire or ice

that\'s when I find
a pitstopmaintenance hall for the mind
satanic protectors of my kind
I shop some new parts
re plugged and charged
I head towards the stars
knowing that this trip
will be my last slip

3. Deamonpainter

walking among shadows
shady characters of faded casts
acting out their last role
beautyful lonely stars

these are my people
these fallen stars
you may think you see us
you never had a part

flickering performance
on a burning stage
in naked daylight
for you to hate

directing the audience
I paint in tones of gray
in shades of black
in cold dismay

I paint my deamons
as scars of blood
in a barren landscape
where all is lost

4. Nocturnal Vision Revisited

the echoes of a dream I dreamt
in a distant past is here at last
drowning me fast
why are ripples so old and vast
catching up to me? what did I see?
the tower of life, or was it death
erected by the sea
the spawn of the earth was flocking to
some went to the top others halted up

at different levels people threw themselves at the waves
and when they fill in they were all dead as a sin

I climbed up to the very top
wanting to see all that can be
why waste a wicked view
when after all all and all
to our death will fall
to our death we fall

this foretelling I knew to be deeper than words
and true as pain hurts
now I am in free flight
it does not feel right
no time to think
i\'ll be gone in a wink

in between waking and true sleep
what I find I treasure and keep
the tower of wisdom
the fall to the deep

5. Evacuation Code Dechipered

change channel I am bored again
take five and restart the game
I suggest a different approach
remake the world with a devilish touch
evolution is a too slow ghost
relax and sit back I am your new host

fantastic elastic all things can be spastic
no room for bore press enter and store
we live in small shells put that on a shelf
e.s.p. for all big and small
saga-lore mature splendor
ragamuffin saga-puffin all you can snort

electric eyes for sparkling flies
will be much more fun for the rejects and dumb
so what do you change
in your realm of decadence
king or queen or something snotty inbetween

worlds shatter to darkness without matter
no matter no matter we stole

too far from home
rid your shoulders of this stone
which direction is up
what way to the top
it seems we are lost
this is no place to linger
let your throat embrace your finger
evacuate this tomb
there is always an exit
for aliens infected
our race
seems we crashed on the way

two dried up bugs trapped in the same web
slimy slugs on a busy rainy highway
you and I are not lost without words
we can live again without rebirth

two old drunks sharing the same cup
a pair of fools sailing where no wind blows
a band of burglars staling traces from their lost shoes

6. Moonshine Delerium

third night in flight
my body says no but my mind says go

moonshine delerium what is that lurking behind the curtain
there at an instant the gone with a flash
defeating all resistance something there I can not grasp
there is no tomorrow gone beyond sorrow under a sheltering mask

hail to you thousand faced all trapped in the haze
dandies bandits tramps and champs
beloved freaks and cheeky sneaks
homeless heroes without dineros
vampire fools and exotic ghouls
mongoshiftfacedtabletwisters salut!
and open chute

7. White Noise Monster

crowded mind working overtime in a shrinking stinking home
a presence arrives just out of sight
hides in the maze collects all mistakes

white noise withering weeds of deeds
worshipping wild filth in the temple of guilt
filing its womb with pleasure and doom

monstrous urban paranoia sweeping over my mine-field mind
triggering random horrors cause and effect is a bittersweet sect
and I am a priest of loons and carrier of wounds a battle fatigued
random seed
placed on this earth and fucked up from birth
who gives a flying shit anyway

in a room without view I cold-sweat and drew
my theories of everything and anything would do
reading the mind of mankind\'s deamon
pushing the line forward all the time
a deep-space satellite on light-speed depressed
torn and obsessed by a lifetime of jests

8. Reflections


9. Hufsa

med gufs og hyl jeg visner marken
ett uggent gys skiller ved og barken
ser tilbake fa frost og take
natt som dag i evig vake
gold kulde river
mot lys jeg driver

men alle glor dor der
der hvor jeg hviler min bor
alltid alene
der finnes ingen som kan vandre med meg

evig vinter er hva jeg er
du er redd nar jeg er naer

sjelen soker evig varme
allt den far et ensom harme
merkens grode for all tid ode
der jeg setter mitt spor
min sorg er storte enn ord


ship captain: STEINAR SVERD
warcraft engineer: HUGH MINGAY
turret gunner: VON BLOMBERG
medical supplies: TORE MOREN
space navigator: KNUT VALLE
alien translator: SIMEN HESTNĘS


all music by SVERD and ARCTURUS
all lyrics by HESTNĘS
Lyrics in plain text format

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