Betray My Secrets (1999)

1. Shahmanic Dream
2. Ever Expanding Eternity
3. God And Me
4. Oh Great Spirit
5. Of Things Not Seen
6. Desert Dance
7. Forgive Them
8. Little Wanderer
9. From The Goddess
10. Save My Belief

1. Shahmanic Dream

I See Deserts On My Flight
I See Dragons In The Glowing Night
The Tigers Of Eternity
Universal As Light

I See
The Desert Queen
I Live
My Shahmanic Dream

I Sail My Ship To Sunset Skies
Through The Red Feverous Night
I Leave Behind All Misery
On The Sinking Shore Called Past

The Night Turns To Day
I See The Opening Morn
When I Awake
To Face Reality

2. Ever Expanding Eternity

The Night Is Dark, No Wisdom Here
And Daily Truth I See Not Clear

In Mire Deep Alone I Weep
Everything Else Is Still
I Wish To Drive My Thirst Away
Drink Knowledge Like Dew

Die Welt In Einem Sandkorn Sehen
Und Den Himmel In Einer Wilden Blume
Die Unendlichkeit In Meiner Handfläche Halten
Und Die Ewigkeit In Einer Stunde

With Silent Delight Smiles The Night
When Wolves And Tigers Howl
My Eyes Flow With Tears Of Gold
Searching For Truth

Wisdom, Where Are You Going?
Do Not Walk So Fast
Speak To Your Little Boy
Or Else I Shall Be Lost
Wisdom, I Am Lost

I'M Roaming With A Hungry Heart
My Spirit Yearning In Desire
To Follow Knowledge
Not Finding Me.

Open My Immortal Eyes
Inwards Into The World Of Thought
Into The Ever Expanding...
The Ever Expanding Eternity

3. God And Me

I Know The End Has Come
And All Hearts Stop To Beat
The Light Of Knowledge Will Be Gone
A Nothing Left In Darkness
In A World Where No Road Will Run
From God To Me, Me To God

Fire, Burn!
Thunder, Roar!
Wisdom, Flee!
Give Us Back Innocense!

Wisdom Grows Pale And Dies
The Tree Of Knowledge Will Be Cut
We Ignored Nature'S Call
Pain Has Been And Will Be!
Flee, Wisdom, Flee
Give Us Back Innocense...

4. Oh Great Spirit

[Based On A Native American-Inspired Chant Written By Adele Getty]

I Am The Great Spirit
Earth, Sun, Sky And Sea
You Are Inside And All Around Me

The Sun Does Arise, Lightens The Skies
The Merry Bells Ring To Welcome Spring
The Birds On The Trees Sing Loud All Around
To The Bells' Cheerful Sound

Oh Great Spirit,
Earth, Sun, Sky And Sea!
You Are Inside And All Around Me

I Come Towards You,
Towards The Sun, Towards The Sea
Everybody Lies Ahead Of Me
And All Around Me

I Am The Spirit
Earth Sun, Sky And Sea
You Are Inside And All Around Me

Yes, I Am The Great Spirit
The Father Of The Sea
Earth, Sun, Sky And Sea,
All Lie Ahead Of Me

I Come Towards You
Towards The Sun, Towards The Sea
Everybody Lies Ahead Of Me

Inside Of You...Can You Hear Me?
I'M Inside Of You!
Feel Me Knocking!
I Am Your Heart
I Am Inside Of You
I Am Your Spirit
Can You Feel Me?

5. Of Things Not Seen

Listen To The Voice Of The Prophet
Who Present Past And Future Sees
Whose Ears Have Heard The Holy Words
Words That Walked Among The Ancient Trees

'Till The End Of Mankind He Will Say:

„we Are Lead To Believe A Lie
When We See Not Through The Eye
That Always Speaks Through Heart,
Through Heart And Brain"

Folly Builds An Endless Maze
Tangled Roots Perplex Its Ways
Many Stupids Falling There
They Who Lead Others But Should Be Lead

Pathless Comets, Stupids' Thoughts
Striving Aimless Through Their Life
Cruel, Jealous, Selfish Thoughts
Have Eyes Too Closed To Look Within Truth

Now On A Starbeam He Rides
With Thoughts Being In And Around Him
Words Being Storms On The Cold Calm Surface
In The Blue Depths Of Water, Deep Blue Water

Schlangen, Die Im Brennenden Feuer
Des Nichts Verglühen
Es Sind Die Schlangen Die Im Brennenden Feuer
Des Nichts Verglühen Und Die L?ge Verschlingen

Mi?gunst, Neid Und Eitelkeit
Tot Sein, Tot Sein
Wo Es Keine L?ge Gibt

6. Desert Dance

7. Forgive Them

You Fall Into A Hole
Into The Gap Between Weak And Strong
Eyes Blind
Peace Dying
Earth Breaks
You Fall

Eyes Blind.
You Fall.

Falling Down Life
Falling Down Pride
Your Weak Heart Feels You Dead
Deepest Hole
Feel The Fall Of Your Soul

See Justice Falls Into The World Of Lies
Cruelty Alive
Forgive Them, Forgive
Forgive Them, Forgive

Eyes Blind
Hearts Beating Death
Peace Dying
Earth Crying Misery
Forgive Them, Forgive
Forgive Them
They Did Wrong

They Did Wrong!
Forgive Them, Forgive
Forgive Them
And Mankind Fell.
Forgive Them
Forgive Them
And Mankind Fell.

And Mankind Fell.

8. Little Wanderer

Troubled, Wildered And Forlorn
Dark Benighted, Travel-Worn
And All Heart-Broke I Heard Her Say:
„oh My Children, Does It Cry?
Does It Hear Its Mother Sigh?"

Pitying I Dropped A Tear
But I Saw A Starbeam Near
Who Replied:
„i Am Set To Light You The Ground
While Your Mother Strives Around
Follow Now The Mother'S Groans
Little Wanderer, Hurry Home,
Hurry Home!"

Little Wanderer, Hurry Home!

Sweet Sleep, Angel Mild,
Hover Over Me!
Truth, Be A Lantern To My Past!
I Prepare My Soul For Flight,
Prepare My Head For Death'S Cold Hand
To Hurry Home

9. From The Goddess

[Based On The Chant "We All Come From The Goddess" By Zsuzanna E. Budapest]

We All Come From The Goddess
And To Her We Shall Return
Like A Drop Of Rain
Flowing To The Ocean

I Close My Eyes
I Feel Your Presence
Waves Of Energy
You Spread Through Our World

Isis, Giver Of Life, Queen Of Heaven
Revealer Of Mysteries!
Astarte, Queen Of The Stars,
You Rule The Spirits Of The Dead!
Diana, Mother Of Animals,
Protectress Of All Wild Creatures!
Hecate, Goddess Of Magic,
Goddess Of The Moon!

Isis, Astarte, Diana,
Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna

Touch Her Beauty
Through The Circle Of Life
Feel Her Presence
From The First Day To The End

Demeter, Goddess Of Fertility,
Earth And Sea!
Kali, Goddess Of Destruction And Birth,
Beginning And End!
Inanna, Queen Of The Land,
Goddess Of Transformation!

Goddess, Goddess, From The Goddess
Can You Hear The Goddess?
The Goddess Is Calling!
The Goddess Is Calling...You!
Listen, The Goddess Is Calling
The Goddess, A Drop Of Rain

10. Save My Belief

People Doing Wounds
Piercing Through Souls
Blood Of That Mighty Pulse,
Don'T Vanish From My Heart!

They Cut Branches From My Tree
For Their Temples Of Delight
Cries Ascend The Clouds
To Escape From The Season

Save My Belief
Ease My Pain
Save My Belief
Give Me Faith

Earth Changed To Hell
In Eternal Space

I Fly Around The Circle Of The World
Wind'S Last Breath Had Tossed The Air
And No Living Thing Is To Be Seen
After I Watered Earth With My Tears

Cruelty Had A Human Heart
Jealousy A Human Face
Mighty Man In Their Misery Dead
And Their Hearts Hidden By Sins

Silence Is The Sound Of Peace
The Voice Of Solitude And Innocense
Now Lying Around The World
The Only Sound My Soul'S Beating...

My Soul Is Beating
It'S My Soul
My Soul'S Beating

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