Survival of the Sickest

1. Zombie Inferno

Nowhere to run
Skinless fingers everywhere
Flesh is ripped from my back
Endless clawing
Death is near
Lidless eyes
The dead staring back at me
Horrid screams die when slicing me apart

Zombie inferno

Infernal zombie's roam Infernal
No instant death

Hours of torture awaits
A lethal game
Undead hunter
I'm the prey
A nightmares dread
Putrid mass of flesh and bone
Seconds seems forever
As I'm trapped in my personal hell

For the righteous
In a colorless tomb of madness
Each soul will scream in sadness

For the righteous
In a colorless tomb of madness
Each soul will plead forgiveness

No dying wish
The ending of a beautiful life
Decaying brains
Consumed by wretched cunts

2. Putrefying Corpse

A funeral for the soul
Driven to the wall
With lucid cries
Remaining tethered
A feasting for the dogs

As the lord of all darkness is stepping forth
Liberation now
Can never return to a putrefying corpse

A funeral, all consumed
Cast into the fire
A vicious mind finds ways to die
For those willing to expire

Freedom crawls
Deprivations rebirth
Draining blood
A devastation that befalls us

Fearing the dawn
The wretched demise
Damning the dead to the depths of hell
Tearing at gore
The order divine
Severing flesh for the hounds of hell

With no signal in their dying eyes
Disembodied from the mutilation
Kingdoms burning as the master dies
Building evil from a new foundation

For oblivion
For death
Dark days will now descend
The end

3. Dead Parade

What you see
What you feel
What you need
Put them down
The slaughtered dragged to the ground

What you fear
What you feel
As you bleed
Mass destruction all around

In this masquerade
Born of the utmost pain
All that drowns beneath
Spawn of the undead breathe

Born into malcontent
Buried without lament
Under their power we'll flee
Withering demons breed
Blasphemous god

Degrade us
Into the arms of the dead

Riddled with disease
Frail destroyed insides
Dominance ripping through the streets
Pale their voidless eyes

And what we're fighting for?
The slaves of dawn they rise
And what we're fighting for?
We fail the war and die

Righteous falling down

Your god eternal fiction
Demonic wars affliction
Defining gore addiction
Your god eternal fiction

4. Malignant Maggot Therapy

Debridement waste
Disposal of flesh
Maggot infested crate
Swarming disease
On carrion skin
Organic fucking mess
Planted in tissue
To make you rot
Pathogen flock of death
Chomping away
Consuming decay
Acute exposure to contagion

Malignant maggot therapy
Onset of death
Malignant maggot therapy
Onset of death

Skin peeled away
Feast of the leech
Visceral devourment frenzy
Eaten to bits
Dissolving your life
Multiple organ failure

Post-mortem rubble
Human mire
Pool of shit
Defiled carcass
Buzzing choir
Reduced to darkness

Your image leaks from the larvae
Scraped from the floor and put in the bin

5. Carved

Rushing through your arteries
Flung upon the butcher board
And ripe for surgical therapy
Knife and scalpel
Running through a thousand sores

Disemboweled and scarred
Ravenous and starved
You're carved

Indexed as human shit and stored
Imprisonment of scorn
Dangling on the verge of insanity
Meathook guinea pig
Partly rotten and foaming at the mouth
Eyes turned white
Parasites writhing in your flesh
I won't look away when you're screaming out to die

Glued to the slab
Revocation of limbs

Drained from fluids and bled to dust
Immersed in grief
Strapped down and gagged on skewers
Pointless meat
Dismemberment beyond comprehension
Sawing ribs
Total dementia
Blackened mind
Dripping flesh
Eyes go blind

6. Born Infernal

The god of dreams of misery
Is born eternal
The god of thieves & witchery
Is spawned eternally

Born infernal
Scorn eternally

Evil's demon shroud
Wrapped around the dead tonight
To reach the grave dimension

Screaming loud from death by suffocation
That's born from self-destruction

Evil will tear us down
Into the dead of night
Evil will tear us down
Behold the masters might

Pious tremble under fear
Untold powers domineer
Heathen prophets' solemn tears
Tyrants from the morbid underground
Release the hounds
Feeding off the fallen parts of fear
Until all life has disappeared
Forever devastation for the dead

Evil will tear us down
Into the dead of night
Evil will tear us down
Behold the masters might
Evil will tear us down
Inside the dark nocturnal
Evil will tear us down
Unholy, born infernal

7. To Die

To kill the pain
Inside the maggots den
Left to bleed
Voices inside my head
The one and only thing left for me is

To die
To die
To die

To dream of death while awake
Soul is rotting
Within the coffin walls

Carve the soil
Casket in place
To decompose
Infection remains

8. Affliction of Extinction

To a burial
In crimson rain
To a darkness
Acceptance through this pain

Genocidal touch of death
It slipped right in through hell
Where the mass resides

For the weary choose oblivion
Our saviour's godless suicide
Demented forced starvation
Affliction of extinction

The ethereal intrinsic rage
A diabolical acceptance to this plague

Blasphemers in pits surround us
The lamented foolish gone
The order of this war

Behold the darkened shores of deprivation
Below, the ragged lord of immolation

As we begin to rise
What's left of all humankind
Remains from this killing spree
All that's left withers
From his demon seed

9. Tales of Melting Flesh

Rejecting thrones of war and pain
Until your death
Imperious fortune will remain
In wretchedness

Oblivion, burned out
With the outmost darkened fear
Oblivion, burned out
With the outmost lasting tortured fear

Oh such tales of melting flesh
In a cell of rotting loneliness

In cellars lies danger in cages
Denying the curse of all ages

Collecting bones from morbid graves
A billion dead
A treacherous fortune will abstain

Live and bleed
Desire weakens
Live and breathe the fire heathen
Follow us or die

10. Environcide

Death lord
You vow destruction
Onto the ones despaired
Now their abode is reeking
Their women ensnared
You bring severe misfortune
Famine and drought
Theyƕre on their knees in prayer
Human cattle
Crying out

Half of the rags
Double the cold
Coming of jackals
Reaping the spoils

They turn the holy dagger
Towards themselves
Let it twist in holy ways

The means of dehydration
Upon a sea of flesh
Now mortals, your father
Has condemned you to unrest

In distress
War prize
They were left to rot
They were blind and we were not

11. No God Before Me

I see an endless maze
I am a spectral shell
I wear a waxen grin
I hear the wretched knell

I see
No god before me
No god before me

I howl for dissolution
Embedded in the flesh of failure
Upon my restitution
Return to thriving pandemonial scourge

The slur of demons
Electing death
Ministry, inverted clergy
I grasp at chains
My poisoned breath
Contaminated undead journey

Transcendental grave
Godless multiverse
Blind to waning light
Rotting in reverse

In Necropolis
Under the wings of the blasphemer
Roving through the Abaddon
Divided from the redeemer

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