1. ...For Those Whose Time Has Come (Intro)
2. Blood and Iron
3. Invoking the Apocalypse
4. Nightmare of Violence
5. They Will Arise
6. Forced Selfmutilation
7. Sacrificial Slaughter
8. Hell on the Eastern Front
9. Monolith of the Dead

1. ...For Those Whose Time Has Come (Intro)

2. Blood and Iron

Bombers comes screaming
From grey skies above
Panzers advance, rapid assault
A steel storm coming from the west
Death's head legions approach

Fierce battle soon will be fought
A war of annihilation
No prisoners, none to be spared
Extinction of the worthless

Blood and iron
Extinction of the worthless

Endless plains coloured red
Snmothering corpses left in the wake
No sleep 'til death, next stop in hell
No time to cry for the blood that is spill

Striking fast, overpowering force
Massive carnage in the theatre of war
Scorched earth, population deceased
Blood and iron, our will to succeed

3. Invoking the Apocalypse

Desecrate, agitate
Blood upon the altar
Destruction of the christian fate
Masturbate, consummate

Fulfilment of the covenant
Channeling of the timeless hate
Seek for strength in misery
Fall for the serpent's temptation

Repel the servants of light
Drive them into extinction
Crush their idols of worship
Crucify the filthy liar
Defile the sacred and holy
Rejoice in purgatorical fire

Burning angels fall from the sky
Raining ashes heaven is on fire
Corpses pile up rivers running red
No use for prayers, god is dead

No god, no weak beliefs
An era ends in flames
Salvations through apostasy
The war is won, the gate is crushed
Prey upon your enemy
Watch them writhe in agony
Corpses pile up rivers running red
No use for prayers, god is dead

The war is one the gate is crushed
Prey upon your enemy
Watch them writhe in agony
No god above the self
The strength of flesh and soul
Retained through our blasphemy

4. Nightmare of Violence

As the pale cold rays of the sun
Slowly brings light to the death of the world
The armies prepare for the fight
Bombardment is topping, mortals cease fire

Soldiers charge over the ground
Chaos erupts as they're clashing together
Bloodlust, aggression unbound
The battle turns into a nightmare of violence

Steel is ripping through flesh
The blow of a mace crushing a neck
Bodies are broken in half
A thrust to the gut spilling the innards
A hammerhit splinters the skull
Blood and dirt turn into mud
Weapons are covered in gore
Death is the only escape from this war

Soldiers lie dead on the ground
Scavengers feasting on corpses
The armies regroup for the fight
As a new dawn rises the battle starts over

5. They Will Arise

Rapturous lust for violence
Legions of doom
Ascending from the abyss
Drawing blood for existence
Hordes of the undead
Swarming up from beneath

Cadaverous fingers claw on casket lids
Rotting limbs break the ground
Corroding muscles come to life

They will arise

Once dead but now awaken
Back from the grave to take your life
Walking corpses, living dead

They will arise

Crematory smoke rises
Corpses sracked in piles

6. Forced Selfmutilation

Forced selfmutation ? malicious lust for the macabre
Peeling back your skin, tearing chunks of flesh
Begging for the pain to end as you choke on blood

Twist in violent spasms as your bowels are opened
Slowly cutting bones, hacksaw amputation

The suffering unbearable, still consciousness remains

Shred to pieces ? limb torn from limb
Excessive blood-flow ? cardiac arrest
Gouded eyes ? bludgeoned to pulp
Massive trauma ? failure to exist

Maggot infested wounds cover your mangled body
Regurgitate your guts, massive haemorrhage
Unrecognisable lifeless lump once a breathing human

7. Sacrificial Slaughter

Nail the priest to the cross
Rape the nuns with blasphemous lust
Sacrifice to the goat
Slay the nazarene cut his throat

Watch him tremble in the dirt
He'll regret he returned
Take his head, rape his soul
Let him burn down below

False hope god has sent
Trust in him to the end
False prophet, sacred lies
The truth revealed, they they die

Burn the church to the ground
Cast the bastard from his throne
Light the fire ? start the war
Satan reigns forever more

8. Hell on the Eastern Front

Senseless slaughter, encircled and besieged
There is no escape, only death can set us free
Defeat is now certain, there's no point to resist
The entire 6th army, soon it will cease to exist

Battalions, divisions crushed and destroyed
Atrillery's silenced, panzers stand dead in the cold
Amidst the burning ruins, struggling to survive
Fighting a hopeless battle, cut off and left to die

Destroying all in their path
No chance to stand their next attack
They're pushing hard and closing in
They got one aim; to kill and win

Casualties are piling up ? victims to the fate of war
Stuch here in this living hell ? where death prevails and pain is all

Our destiny is sealed ? death the only certainty

The flanks are falling, position are overrun
Caught in the crossfire death is only way out
Battered and beaten, soldiers scream out in vain
No hope for mercy only slow death in pain

The road is short from triumph to bitter loss
From conqueror to conquered, it's time to pay the cost
A gun to the head, aim with a steady hand
Fight from "der Führer", die for the fatherland

9. Monolith of the Dead

Disembowelled, bones are crushed
Maggots crawl in open wounds
Rancid flesh is everywhere
Decaying stench pollutes the air
Screaming out in pain
As your skin is bruyality ripped and pierced

Madness now infests your mind
Life and pain is just the same
Your torso is depraved of limbs
As you are hanged up to die
Your body joins the dead
On the monolith you end your life

Monolith of the dead
Gruesome display of mutilated corpses
Oceans of boiling blood, hellfire's blazing

Monolith of the dead
Gruesome display of mutilated corpses
Bodies joined as one
Monument of bile and gore

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