Bolt Thrower
The Peel Sessions

"Forgotten Existence"

Storm calm neon skies
Still chilling winds roam the nuclear wastes
Haunting the conscience of a forgotten existence
Civilisation's mistake

Peace at last takes its grip on the land
For a moment time stands still
Existing of debris of bygone wars
Hope breeds an incentive not to kill

Existence declines, extinction mankind
A lifetime of time slips away

Resurrect mankind sacrificed to power
From ruins to the birth of a new reality
Rising from the ashes of past destruction
Civilisations, new existence

Lost in a void without future or past
Shattered mind in the presence of pain
Domineering desolation
Controlling the solarity plains

Existence declines, extinction mankind
A lifetime of time slips away

Darkest fears dwell in man's mind
Insight to depths of what will be
Reclamation from the grasp of destruction
From ruins to the birth of a new reality

Construction from destruction
Bringing back life to mankind
Rebuilding an existence sacrifices for power
A future with hope to find

Existence declines, extinction mankind
A lifetime of time slips away

Existence - Declines
Extinction - Of mankind
Lifetime - Of time
Now slips - Away

"Attack In The Aftermath"

All is lost, survival is all that remains
Dying at will, there is no pain
Memories of hate run deep in my mind
Body's numb, no feeling towards mankind

Ruins fall, the warzone lies in decay
Wounded crawl, dying, lying they pray
Fallen dead row on row line the path
Streams of blood run thick in the aftermath

Fighting for life
Defending yourself from the night
The strong shall survive
Weak shall fall to their plight
Fight to the death or surrender to their wrath
Attacking in might, attack in the aftermath

"Psychological Warfare"

Psychological Warfare
Still bear the scars from a past war ceased
Neurological nightmare
Torture suffered holds the mind from peace

Can't face reality unrestrained mentality
Hiding from the darkness of your insanity
Driven to soul despairs
Madness in your mind tears
No escape from this mental insanity

Captive life, held in past
Deranged memories still burning in your brain
Thoughts of pain, darkest dreams
Self inflicted torture, eating at your mind
Punishment, no pain release
Captive to the darkness of this psychotic insanity

Tearing in deep mind
Madness dwells with pain
Destruction of your life
Renders you insane

"In Battle There Is No Law"

In the fight for existence and life
There is no law
And in the presence of eternal death
There is no law
And just the struggle for power the domination prevails
An arising slaughter
In revenging, every man for himself
As in battle there is no law

Countless numbers die in war's path
Armies falling to our wrath
Warriors of power marching to fight
Destruction, killing, all that's in sight

Raise the shield or be cast in to death
Take a final, look your final breath
Innocent victims of war
No turning back, in battle there is no law

Awaiting the slaughter, time stands still
Thoughts fade away, so does your will
Enemy close in, blood on their mind
You won't die, once die a thousand times

Raise the shield or be cast in to death
Take a final look your final breath
Innocent victims of war
No turning back, in battle there is no law

Soldiers of hatred, killing corps of war
Bodies litter the field, what was it for?
Stench of death, no victory for this night
Plead for mercy, you have no right

Raise the shield or be cast in to death
Take a final, look your final breath
Innocent victims of war
No turning back, in battle there is no law

No law
No Law

"Drowned In Torment"

Pray in your dreams that tomorrow won't wake you
Plead for the darkness of life to forsake you
From death to new life the path that awaits you

You can't begin to start to bear the taste, the morning after
Close your eyes so that you can't see
The reality of your tormented agony

Drowned in torment your will shall break you
The scars of war remain to haunt you
Feel the cold hands of death grasping for you

As you drown in torment... drown

"Eternal War"

Through man's existence from the start of time
The fight for survival was our only crime
Those in power rotten to the core
The ongoing battle of the eternal war

What are we fighting for?
Is it worth dying for?
You're held down by your chains
There's no one but you to blame

Fighting, destroying, following blind
Crushing, corrupting, enslaving mankind

What's now left - You can't believe
Oppression those in power, used to deceive
Slave to hatred, peace they deplore
Driven by despair, eternal war

Rebuild humanity to create a new society
For there's strength in unity which lies with you
Can't you see

"Realm Of Chaos"

Enter the realm of chaos, your nightmare has just begun
You may wake up screaming, but there's no place left to run

The ancient prophecy of dominant supremacy
Find strength through your salvation, the need for domination

Past life you deplore, present life you abhor
Future life is so unreal, intense despair now feel

Mutated creature round you stare, at your limbs they all tear
It's too late now to say a prayer, for your gods have no care

Welcome incursions of chaos, you know you cannot resist
To serve, worship, obey them the only way to exist

Your foretold destiny of perpetual lunacy
The final requisition, is no longer your decision

The obscure depravity blinds you, now you cannot see
What they've made of your world as your blood is turning cold

Now it's time to pay your price - The ultimate sacrifice
Gasp at your final breath - Cleansed now in your death, your


"Destructive Infinity"

You never thought life could come to this
Man reborn to die upon the altar of war

And now we stand to face the truth
This world now enslaved, bound by hate

In fear of life, now that the mindless control
As the flame of hope for mankind now burns away

For now you stand alone to die
Whilst visions of horror infest your mind

Destructive - Man's lust for power
Infinity - A lifetime of war

Destroying your world, again and again
Suffering in torment, through agonising pain

Killing for pleasure, only the strong shall remain
An arising slaughter, as hatred and terror now reigns

Destructive - The world ripped apart
Infinity - A never ending fear


Throughout all time
Within the past, present and future
Man has sought to destroy
All that stood in our way

As man fights man
In the epic struggle for survival
The warmaster shall reign
With oppression fed by a burning hate

Hatred of mankind, twisted within your mind
Corrupted by powers unknown, the downfall of this world

The end of your life, beginning of human strife
Destruction of this cripples planet
Warmaster an inhuman prophet


You shall obey all that he commands

Hatred of mankind, twisted within your mind
Corrupted by powers unknown, the downfall of this world

Now once more... we rise to fall
Man's destruction... in the final war
Nothing's left... of the human race
The planet's end... our destiny oblivion



As you feel your soul depart from this world
Prepare for a journey to regions of the unknown

Your life has now ended
You fear the conclusion
Cast into the dark realms
Destined to the afterlife

As terror grips your soul
Direction is uncertain
Fear clouds your mind
Ignorance your burden


Within the dominion of the lifeless, you plead to die in peace
Now despair for total forgiveness, imprisoned in this land

All is silent
Held within
Existing forever
New life begins
Eternal desolation
Your soul to give

Enslaved for all existence - Perpetual endless torment
Reality is now dormant - Within the afterlife


"Lost Souls Domain"

Driven now by fetid winds, we came to this place of despair
Fresh visions of death filled my mind with disgust
Yet still we stood here and stared

A world steeped in torment
Where agony prevails
With cruel sadistic torture
All hope of life now fades

The time has come, you have no choice, now you face your death
Choke at your last breath

Your mind now screams
Could it be you're insane
To live your life
Within the lost souls domain

Lost souls domain

Plead for mercy
To your gods now pray
For in this place
You now shall stay
No way out
Trapped within
This reign of terror
Shall now begin

Shall now begin

City of the damned - Hear the screams cry out
The agony within - Untold without a doubt

Feel your life - Slipping through your hands
A new reality - Held now by this land

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