Who Dares Wins (1999)

1. Cenotaph
2. Destructive Infinity
3. Prophet Of Hatred
4. Realm Of Chaos
5. Spearhead
6. Crown Of Life
7. Dying Creed
8. Lament
9. World Eater
10. Overlord

1. Cenotaph

Alone you stand - The final parody
Destined to silence - A memorial to mortality

Carved in stone - A tribute to the dead
For nameless victims - Whose litany is unread

Never Forgotten - War's memory lingers on
A dark reminder - To mankind's oblivion

This solemn image - Constructed with resolution
A monument - To war's terminal conclusion


2. Destructive Infinity

You never thought life could come to this
Man reborn to die upon the altar of war

And now we stand, to face the truth
This world now enslaved, bound by hate

In fear of life now that the mindless control
As the flame of hope for mankind now burns away

For now you stand alone to die
Whilst visions of horror infest your mind

Destructive - Man's lust for power
Infinity - A lifetime of war

Destroying your world, again and again
Suffering in torment, through agonizing pain

Killing for pleasure, only the strong shall remain
An arising slaughter, as hatred and terror now reigns

Now reigns

Destructive - The world ripped apart
Infinity - A never ending fear

3. Prophet Of Hatred

Restless sky the time has come
Turn up your brain you body feels numb
Messed(?) in uncerainty what you have become
Twisting your mind it's only just begun

Resistence... from fatality
...of your Destiny

Lost... tasted sweet
Terror my hatred is complete
Devour, your soul now he has won
...begun can...
Sacrifice the blood of a thousands souls
...the life I will save

As death shall be what remains
You shall have my remorse
To control the downfall of man

...what is saved

4. Realm Of Chaos

Enter the realm of chaos, your nightmare has just begun
You may wake up screaming, but there's no place left to run

The ancient prophecy of dominant supremacy
Find strength through your salvation, the need for domination

Past life you deplore, present life abhor
Future life is so unreal, intense despair now you feel

Mutated creatures round you stare, at your limbs they all tear
It's too late now to say a prayer, for your gods have no care

Welcome incursions of chaos, you know you cannot resist
To serve, worship, obey them - in the only way to exist

Your foretold destiny of perpetual lunacy
The final requisition is no longer your decision

The obscure deprivity blinds you, now you cannot see
What they've made of your world as your blood is turning cold

Now it's time to pay your pirce - the ultimate sacrifice
Gasp at your final breath - cleansed now in your death

Your death

5. Spearhead

Spearhead marching onwards,
Take my soul sacrificial offering.
Your initial strike taken by surprise,
Now left alone, condemned by my pride,
Drained of all emotion - body now an empty shell,
There's nothing left - you've taken all away

Adrenaline flows,
Now filled with anger,
Just what will be the outcome,
Mass confusion tears my mind.
Spearhead - No victory sublime,
Another fallen victim - I will not beg to you,
Spearhead - to which I cannot hold
With clear perception my destiny unfolds.
I look to the refection, fail to recognise what's seen
A figure closed in hatred, I pray that this cannot be,
Faced by this total stranger - aware of your creation
No vision of the formed self - Controlled by your instruction,
Onward you advance, left in a mindless trance,
Hypnotised by your will, desire is now instilled,
Now string face to face, your eyes failed with with hate,
Held by your contempt, bought by weakness and by strength.

6. Crown Of Life

Rising - From mundane existence
A new world - Seen through your eyes
To deception - Give no resistance
All your hopes and dreams are now sanctified

Blind to the hypocrisy
Goodness is all that you see

Your past life - Is cast aside
In false truths - You now confide

Pledged to a life of divinity
Superior through your own piety

Holier than thou - Alone you wear the crown

In your private asylum
Look to what you have become
Condemned to misery and strive
Alone you wear the crown of life

The crown of life

7. Dying Creed

Falling are the people of a decaying race,
Now proclaim the legacy inherited too late - too late,
Mankind - The dying creed, Reared on ignorance an greed,
On suffering we feed devouring all beyond our needs.
A path of self destruction they cannot see,
Regarding their only interest in profitability - They cannot see,
Open up your mind before its too late,
Unlock the chains of confinement that we create.
Grasping all that you can-overloaded capacity,
Nothing can conceal instinctive rapacity.
A movement to disaster could this be the final plan,
Blinded by our avarice, the closing chapter, extinction of man.
Mankind - The dying creed, Reared on ignorance an greed,
On suffering we feed devouring all beyond our needs.

8. Lament

The time has come to leave this place - Never to return
Nothing's left but ashes - My body now is spurned
Your sorrow will subside in time - My one, true, only friend
There is one thing we can do - To avert this bitter end

Up amongst the stars I dwell - Tranquillity is found
I look upon the earth - To which all human life is bound
Alone I wander aimlessly - For now my spirit's free
My soul exists within you as I guide your destiny

The tears of grief you weep for me - Through uncontrolled emotion
You have given me your all - A life time of devotion
So come my friend take my hand - Together we shall see
The pathways through the darkness - For all eternity


9. World Eater

As silence roars through gathered masses
You stared waiting eagerly
Approaching darkness decreasing your life expectancy

The tension is now rising
The calm before the storm
See your life flash before you
Will you live to see the dawn?

The enemy is now approaching
With bloodlust in their eyes
Intense fear is overcoming
For now death - you will defy

As the battle raged all dead and wounded
Bodies, carnage all you see
The white hot blast - melting flesh
The screaming pain in agony

You stand alone
The final parody
As you realise - your mortality
For you cannot change your destiny
To die at the hands - of the unknown enemy
Your death - you can't deter
As the silence - returns


10. Overlord

A time for peace, a time for war
Time moving onwards forever more
A time to live, a time to die
Hypocrisy, now denied

Life (?)

Blood flows cold
Contempt overruns the soul
draining deep inside
The litany abide

Embraced by terror
No place to hide
Face the final judgement
Compassion now slowly dies

Stripped of all sanity
Installed a new reality
Overlord supremacy
Vengeance now implied

Embraced by terror
No place to hide
Face the final judgement
Compassion now slowly dies

Now free from strain
Existence drains away
Fallen as the rain
To be lost in life's pain

Can comprehension fit in?
You stretched beyond capacity(?)
Vengeance shall be mine

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