Entraves de l'Ame

1. Drown in Nothingness

2. Tainted Utopia

I try to kill the pain
But all these useless drugs
Broke me in vain
In my head coming the fog
Never wanna wake up again
Praying the reaper for a hug

I wanna make them pay
Before I disappear
I maybe took the wrong way
Cause my hopes are your fears

My trust in you
Dead like god
I saw the alert
Red like blood
In your blind kingdom
I still got an eye

Tainted utopia
Raped by fucked reality
Wasted hopes
Sold by selfish humanity

Iím waiting to see
Them burn down
Human being
Skinny pig
Build your coffin
Start to dig

Weíre all born dead
Waiting in the limbs
Where everythingís unsaid
Shout with me the soulless hymns

3. Die Trying to Take Off the Rope

I hate this world, its boundaries
Fuck you all, well-meanings
Bite yourself whoever you are
When you try to suck my soul
Iím gonna let me die

Iíll make you bleed the way I feel
Iíll never forget you wanna reach
Holly weirdness
Iím gonna teach you
How to cry

Everything I am
You destroy
You want me to be satisfied
Donít want me to be anyone
You feel like you can understand us all
You just wanna fuck us all down

If itís my belief that youíre a bastard
Youíll answer me I should stand my ground

Whatís the way
If you want to be part of
Just choke and die trying to
Take off the rope
Building a world for those who pray
A god of lies

Lies you speak
Who ever you are
Even a close friend
Wish youíll burn in flames
What only matters
Is your ignorance

That keeps you alive
And strong

4. Dark Mirror

White nights for blackest days
Lost on a meaningless highway
White nights for blackest days
I hate you and what you say

Hiding in the shade
Listening stories of my razor blade
Itís my worst friend
And it knows the end

Thereís no reason
Cause thereís no goal
Make me wanna smash
My head against the wall

White nights for blackest days
Lost on a meaningless highway
White nights for blackest days
I hate you and what you say

5. Suffering to Buy Our Poison

How can you sleep at night?
Why taking part of the fight
Cause youíll lost before you start
Donít think you are an asshole apart

Post apocalyptic state of mind
Meaning is hard to find
Living with other ants
Suffering to buy our poison

6. The Plague

Venom of life
Runs through my veins
So I cut it
But that donít stop the pain

Somethingís still living in me
I try to destroy it before this plague grows
Cause it looks like hope

7. Moorwanderung

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