Règne des Morts

1. Void Miasma

Malign emanations stir asunder
The great veil of light
An ever inflating god of the flock
An expansion, a prolonging of faith
Doctrine flags of reason deform and mutate
Failure instead of prosperity with wails to certain death
The woven bond, a heart of confliction
Vomit for grails, recite and hail praise
Chaos, absolute of absence
Void, wave of stillness
Presence like razors
Serpentine Saviour be witnessed
A great tide cleanse
The great work commence
Flow Blackness, erase thought
Flow Darkness, evoke Naught
Supreme formless ascend
Erupting, disturbing
Will the havoc, will the pain
Innermost silence
As a ghost, without the strings of creation
Without pulse
Imploding creation
Mocking the blazing sword of reason
Spitting at the symbols, verses and law
Entrance to Become
Enchant Delusion and focus will
Ensnare, conquer, brutalize and kill

2. Eonious Fovous

Η καρδιά μου βγαίνει έξω από το σώμα μου
Ντροπή σου, με κατέστρεψες
Πνίγομαι μέσα στα παγωμένα μου δάκρυα
Πεθαίνω εν ψυχρώ.
Παντού σκοτάδι γύρω μου
Δεν μπορώ ούτε τα χέρια μου να δω
Παντού αίμα γύρω μου
Αλλά το αίμα αυτό δεν είναι δικό μου.
Σε σιχαίνομαι, με αηδιάζεις
Γιατί μου μοιάζεις.
Σκούρο αίμα τρέχει μες στις φλέβες μου
Μαύρο αίμα βιάζει το μυαλό μου.
Μέρες καταστροφής έρχονται τώρα
Χρειάζομαι περισσότερο δηλητήριο για να τα καταφέρω.
Θέλω να καταστρέψω τα πάντα γύρω μου
Θέλω να πιω το βρώμικο σου αίμα
Θέλω να κατασπαράξω τη σάπια σου ψυχή
Θα επιβιώσω, αλλά με αιώνιους φόβους.

3. When Swans Are Choking

A last short ride to the top
I'll rise and decline
The impact is gonna tear me apart
And I'll learn to be nothing
To start all over again
World's heritage of disillusion
Destroy every hope you still hide inside
Stop fighting for redemption
Consume your soul and die in a bonfire
An endless war within the planes
Condemned to remain a soldier
Recovering from his wounds just to resume the combat
A walking dead with a gun
I'll destroy you before I die from exhaustion
I'll dismember you when swans are choking
I'm at the top of my rage
I am the phase
The parasitic in the bacteria
Trotting out the same excuses you'll die in you last repentance
Because nothing is worth it
In the Realm of Silence
Nothing worth it
But a sharp drop in compliance
Staring at my own grave
My blood full of hate
Ready for an eternal last-ditch struggle

4. Everything Is a Fallacy

You think you're making a revolution
But it's only in your head
You created this war and this revolt
Everything that surrounds you is a fallacy
You are just corpses animated by the sickness of your mind
You're living in the dirty world you have built
Can you figure out that you are false too?
You are just just a figment of your imagination
So many restless zombified corpses
Without an logical issue
Walking straight to their grave

5. Abysmal Existence

Here is our kingdom
Here we will pass away
Blood-red painted landscape
The sun and the moon are one
No good nor bad here
No war nor peace here
Life and death intertwine here
And swirl into eternity
No fear nor bravour here
Here reign those that are dead
Vicious through in our heads
Love don't exist anymore
Against everyone we will be
Darkness is around us
Abysmal existence
Life is pain when you feel empty
Life is red when you bleed to forget your life
Life is pain when you feel nothing
life is black when you talk with your blades
Life is pain when you feel empty
Life is red when you bleed to forget your life
Life is pain when you feel nothing
life is black when you talk with your blades
Speaking with the dead
With the burning tongue
The end of mankind is near
No salvation, only death
Worshipping unknown gods
With hollow glow in your eyes
Dying in your own blood
Drowning slowly with a final gurgle
Humanity deserves pain
Only death is real
The world will explode
And leave us as dust

6. Fear

Life does not scare me, there is no fix
Dark feelings and sorrow in my mind
My demons are coming back, my old friends
I feel them through the door of my soul
One day they will drag me down
One day they will get me
The day I will definitely be like them
The day of death, I will be alive
Demons seek me, often
It's hard to live without them
Without them i die
There is no way out
It is death for them and for me
But i'm not afraid
If you have the opportunity, cut me into slices
In the light, they are my dark side
In the dark they are my light
Together we will be indestructible
For centuries and centuries
If you see me, follow your way
I won’t tell you twice
And this is the last thing i will say
You will die by my hand
In the light, they are my dark side
In the dark they are my light
I feel my demons leaving
My evil twins
I feel them through the door of my soul
The day I die, I will rise

7. L'Odeur de la mort

Ruines de cendres et de sang, cris de bêtes déchaînées
Humanité malmenée qui transforme notre monde á coups de batte, á coups de bombes
Hêtres détruits par les flammes, corps gisants sans membres
Les yeux brûlants de cet air infecté, ma gorge serrée pour ne plus respirer
Présomptueux, aveugle, sourd et destructeur, le chaos arrive
Ceci est notre monde, notre berceau de haine, nous vivons prisonniers des ces chaînes
Jette un dernier regard à travers ce paysage détruit
Jette une derniè larme devant ces horreurs
Hiver sans fin, nuit éternelle, déforestation persistante
Maintenant que faire, creuser sa propre tombe, ou renvoyer les bombes?
Se noyer dans ce paysage mort, se saignet pour oublier, se détruire pour vivre
Jes sens l'ordeur de la mort, cette odeur je ne l'oublierai pas
Rien ne sert de survivre
Cette pluie acide qui tombe sur nous têtes, nous ronge jour après jour
Cette atmosphère acide qui creuse dans ma tête
Mais je me battrai jusqu'au bout
Je me mords jusqu'au sang, tous les jours je saigne quand la douleur se réveille
Aveuglé par le sang d'inconnus, dans un cauchemar je me réveille
Ces démons qui me hantent je les entends dans ma tête, je les sens dans mon âme,
Ces envies qui me hantent qui explosent dans ma tête, qui déchirent mon âme,
Ce monde est déjà détruit, j'entendes les cloches de la destruction
Nous brûlerons dans les flammes, rien ne sert de reconstruire
Il faut partir à temps

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