Chapel Of Disease
The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art

1. The Mysterious Ways...

2. The Dreaming of the Flame

The lifeless eyes
Of the cross stare down at me
One last time

The verdict is told
And the faith of the lost
Has been broken

These walls, they speak
And as I am ushered out
I hear these before me weep

The bells, they scream
The fall from grace is oh so deep

Silent monks
Lead me to my golgatha
Before me
The ones of the reversed flame

I see green grass and black ash
False suns of torches
And as I sit in the inferno
I see...

...I see the king and queen
And majesties

And while the flame hisses my body
I toss and turn
And awake unto the frightful dream

The lifeless eyes
Of the messiah gaze at me
Just one more time

And my body whole
I feel my soul has turned to coal

These walls, they speak
These bells, they scream

3. Masquerade in Red

As I storm throughout the land
I harvest what I've sown onto your fellow men
My seal is blood, my avatar
Whilst I move in silence, I am never far

I leave my mark, I cast you out
And bless you with the scarlet stars
Whilst the other turn their cheek
I stand beside you and then shall reap

You, prince, may flee
Come, take your flock
And inside your walls
I seem without

I rage outside
While you hide yourself
So we begin
Our masquerade

May you enter seven suites
From north to south
From west to east
And in darkness you will feast
...Masquerade in red!

Foolish men
You pride your life
May your dreams
Be red tonight

The twelfth bell tolls
And echoes roam
And thus I make
My presence known
...Masquerade in red!

And as I play the chords
Of emotionless hearts
My face, a mask
A scarlet corpse

May the flames of all expire!

4. Lord of All Death

I am at the roads where
Men trod their way
I walk in silence
But i'll never stray

I am at the end of the arrow
Since the beginning of time
You shall tremble before me
For my sign is divine

So come forward and sing
Worship the life
Let the prayers now ring
Yet my sign is divine

I go into houses
And cities of men
And places of the dark
And places of the still

Along the rivers
I watch and wait
While the mist through the wind has sank
I sit at the foot

A am the lord of death
Between the rim and pegana

Of the throne of the king
I am behind the beggers back
For all is the same to me
I sunder life from the flesh

Sorrow my fleet in death
Your eyes shall behold the sign
And your eyes shall behold no more
By the priest of mung!

So come forward and sing
Worship the life
Let the prayers now ring
Yet my sign is divine

5. Symbolic Realms

Behind every clear image a lie
Sacrifice your live
To worlds beyond those eyes
Thieves in disguise

Never going to believe
Believe in what I see
Believe in what I breathe
I'm on the wings of eternal flame!

Longing for simplicity
For synchronisity
Symbolic realms soon to be
Just another chance for safety

You don't live what you see
Don't live what you breathe
And you'll never live me
We're on the wings of eternal flame!

Crushing words of steel
Break down on me
Reflecting nothing
That I see

Gestures - now they seed
A world beneath
Everything that was meant to be

6. Life Is But a Burning Being

Coming downwards
Life is in pain
Slither deeper
Dwelling in damp dirt
Ceaseless beating
Darkened corners
Living to be
Consumed by misery

I read the words
Of the old book
The letters burn

I speak the words
Inside my mind
I feel the flame

Oblivious existence
Totting away
No day, nor light
All gone, the same
Caged lifeforms
Trapped spirits
Whirling around
Ceasing to breathe

Caged birds
Represent my soul
I open the lock
And free them all

Swirling bodies
Fluttering away
Into the morning
The rope it frees me
The soul may leave
The words still echo
Life is but a burning being

7. ...of Repetitive Art

Crystal clear sorcerer
Time you've turned to none
My life has slowly gone
And his death so quickly come

All hope in just one cloth
Standing still, my skin moves forth
Lost but never caught
Yet caught in my own breath

This black scarf
This black scarf
As repetitive art
While in life I'll sleep, in death we'll meet
Black scarf

Dressed in death through time I'll walk
But never trust a dead mans clock
Trapped deep down inside these rocks
History I'll simply mock

All hope in just one cloth
Lying still while time moves forth
Not lost but somehow caught
Caught in natures wrath

This black scarf
This black scarf
As repetitive art
While in life I'll sleep, in death we'll meet
Black scarf

I am time, a mysterious form
Oppositions I do not know
I keep passing and passing on
And I'll betray as soon as nature calls my name

You gave me walls and borders of no meaning
So I give you death cloaked in life!

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