Dead Sun Rise

1. Dead Sun Rise

And the essence of nothing
Exploded to everything
And all existence
Gave birth to death

And life feared it's child
And death became a mystery
A law without rules
Rules without boundaries

And the spell from the moon
Lifted the sea
Drew faces in our lands which stood still
Staring into our souls
To there we were brought
Drained and drowned again
For millions of years
To old to remember, To tired to see

But finally
We came to realize
As the stars came crushing down
As the darkness swallowed the light
And death suffocated all that gave it meaning
And became nothing

And the essence of nothing
Exploded to everything
And all existence
Gave birth to death

Death made us see again
But life took that vision away
Slowly by time
Time after time

2. Where No Beauty Dwells

Do you feel immortal,
Riding the chaotic storm?
Consuming, not caring,
Blindly forgetting
The end of it all

Where do you think it will take you?
I'd say your sanctuary is built upon a sand
And when it falls, you'd be left alone
Out in a desert where no beauty dwells

Upon you darkness fell,
Thou will not rest in hell
Cursing you to follow
Like a shadow with a face

Is it a gift from god, offering you it's hand
To write your name in fire?
To burn all bridges behind,
Carry with you the flame
And blind the eyes of friends and foes?
Cursed be thy name

3. Imprisoned By Fear

4. In Dream Of Ancient Times

5. Perish In Blood

Stars are dying
As planets bleed
In the path of the heavens
Cosmic chaos rises
Suns are dying
They are broken and killed
Nothing was divine
In my obscure dreams

Lake of painless eyes
Saw the heavens die

Bleeding gods
Die like dogs
Barking silently
As planets fade
The beat of my heart
Is a beat of stone
Dropped to the ground

The beat of fire

The gods blood descends from the heavens
And the moon floats
In a vision, I saw only death
When the heavens were beneath me

On this sun my eyes are dead
But my heart is not hollow
Although, bleeding gods
Die like dogs

Feed them to the buring fire
Or the heartbeat of stones
Luxfare, your light was no illusion
But silence has no colour
And weeping eyes do not see paradise
And that it is desolate, burnt, dead, frozen and hollow

6. The Darkly Shining Moon

Yes, I did drown the moon in my own blood
And now I shall drown the earth in yours

A bloodred moon rises over the stone fields
Cold winds sweep the black desert
Dark stone mountains strech up to the skies
In the astral dreamers dream

The darkly shining moon
Lits up the heaven of the crying star
The horizon burns
Alone I stare at the stars
In the warm silence
Of a place "their" eyes have and will never see

And I wonder if "they" know I am (up) here?

The moon bleeds my blood
The blood I sacrificed
So that before I die
I can see the stars through different eyes

I can not wake up...

7. Pass In Silence

So I condamn you
To live behind other men and beneath them
To be a creature without a face
And without an identity of your own
Forever silent, without feelings
Living in only one dimension
Without a capability of expression

Forever dark
Forever a shadow

Pass in silence

8. As Darkness Prevails
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