Dark Fortress

1. Ylem
2. As The World Keels Over
3. Osiris
4. Silence
5. Evenfall
6. Redivider
7. Satan Bled
8. Hirudineans
9. Nemesis
10. The Valley
11. Wraith

1. Ylem
A spell to free all matter
Folding time and gravity
A universe to shatter
Conjuring black holography

Unraveling the ether
Rending screeching molecules
Severing the elements
Ripping core from core

Sorcery's caustic breath
Fills the void between the spheres
The archetypes are gathering
At the other end of genesis

Rise from oblivion
Initiate the grand corrosion
Awaken, demand omega
The web constricts around quivering hearts

Spectres swell
From my hands
I feel my mind vibrating
Virulent black odic force
Bleeding into every cell

Ripe with mortality
A breathless world is shaking
A cosmic avalanche is waking
All shall die

Rise from oblivion
Initiate the great corrosion
Awaken, demand omega
The atoms shall remember

Scourge the moribund
Initiate the great corrosion
Consume me, primordial fire
All atoms shall remember thee

Engulf me
Illuminate my flesh
With sacred necrosis

I summon thee
From primeval chaos soar
Devour this misguided spacetime
From the earth
From the heavens
From the emptiness rise
From the pores of trembling skin
From the depths of every soul come forth
From the darkness at the heart of everything

Unraveling the maelstrom
Bending screaming galaxies
Severing the constellations
Tearing matters shell

2. As The World Keels Over
Dispel the dream of soul
The swarm must have taken you

Look around you
The aeons are caving in

Ghosts of longing fade
The emptiness draws crimson dew

Abandoned lie the heavens
The aeons are caving in

What happened?
Deserted flesh, in havoc draped
Pantheons clotted rusty residue

Man falls as the world keels over
Sprayed into a sanguinary fog
Count your blessings
Time has crumbled
The seams are caving in

All is silent
The razor's medium
Behold surprisingly complete overcoming

Only putrefaction
Remains to tell the tale
Of how the death never rose from their graves

When, like choking flesh
Embalmed by the reek of odium
The last mouths have stopped flapping
Then we must be through

Man falls as the world keels over
Sprayed into a sanguinary fog

Count your blessings
Time has crumbled
The aeons are caving in

A ceremony of subsiding penitence
A silent epitaph for a fevered vacuum

3. Osiris
From the shadows
From the pit
From the chasm
I call to thee

Exiled from Eden
Left for dead
A spurred phantasm
In barren reverie

Drowned in lies
Betrayed by blood
In scorned baptized

I am one with you
In vengeance and despair
Redeem me from this torment
This empty prayer

These hateful blades
Rusting inside of me

For all the rape and anguish
We suffer night by night
This cruel mirage can only languish
For all this plight is but illusion

The veil shall be torn
Lust shall resurrect us
A god shall be born
From beyond me shall bring retribution

I adjure all pain
Commit myself to heresy
Quit waiting for the angels
To come and make amends

I hail all death
Reject all tortured saints philosophy
Every wretched living thing knows this must end

4. Silence
Scorched by time and death
And a bloated sun long since shriveled
The waste lies cold before me
God's creation ground to a shroud that stretches
From horizon to horizon
When all are dead
And all is gone

Not a breath stirs the air
The faded moon finds only dust
Crowded in the grip of a celestial wrath
Forever drifting through infinite frozen void
I exalt, alone at last

Behold my kingdom
From horizon to horizon
When all are gone
At last descends the silence

Wide awake to receive this bliss
Free of hate, free of pain, free of the need to escape
Everflowing, everglowing abyss
Drink my spirit, beget new shape

For even ruins shall reminisce
In powdered bone the lark of djinns and jinxes
And from afar the story hiss
And lucid moans of copulating sphinxes

5. Evenfall
With the dawn
Comes the loathing
With the morning
Comes the fall

With the qualm
Come the vermin
Come to spawn
From the sun they crawl

With the night
Dies the calm
With revulsion
Comes the spite

With the light
Come the lightmares
Waking Moloch
Comes with the fall

With draw your soul from this fallacy
This infamy is not for us

With the night
Comes deliverance
Comes the spark
That sets us alight

With the dark
Comes remembrance
Comes the halo
Comes the flight

And the ground takes a fall

Torn upon winds of witchery
Resplendent wings unfold
Reveling in lucid lechery
We invoke what no eye can behold

Azure, her gaping portal
I blaze in ecstasy
The goddess calls, immortal
Shrugs off all treachery

Stay down
Wait for evenfall
For the night to embrace us again
Wait for evenfall

Deep now
Wait for evenfall
For the abyss will set us free
Wait for evenfall

6. Redivider
An ash painted chamber where death has been
A song of entrails strung upon a violin
On the brow, blood and sperm, with bile thinned
And sealed with the Hecate's nightshade kiss

Five live cats, into a pentagram pinned
To fuel their yowls, be they partly skinned
A will to call the reaper to seal the abyss
Where the half-eaten faces of coranthon grin

And the deluge begins
As a wail runs into course
Defeat devours defiance
Life congeals, unhallowed
Stench billows
Raped into compliance
The strong force yields
To the redivider

Altars bleed their rotting sanctity
Aborted selves convulse
Retch momentity avulsed from bliss

The walls give way
To a trembling pandemonium

Nightmares flood the dying soul's septic vision
Decrepit screams, extraneous and obitual
Gnosis through unbearability, psychosis by volition
This is not a happy ritual

Entropy parades its mandibles
Tendons snap, bone rips from bone
Atrocity transfigures overthrown humanity
A scythed obscene apparition stands alone

Praise the descending dark
Praise limbo's dripping vulva
Praise the perishing spark
That takes with it eternal life

Iginum imus nocte et canoumimus igni

The acolytes shed blood devoutly
Dying slowly where they kneel
The figure reaches out
His clutches grab an easy meal

But as the fiend unvigilant,
Turns to feed, the master draws
Upon his chest a vigil and
Invents death and the devil's laws

Iginum imus nocte et canoumimus igni

Vigna te, vigma temere me tangis et angis
Forta faterno culto mulli claudaris lament
Immare irate, in subata procella
Invoco te, marstra occulta stella

For when you
Even death will die
We spin around the night
Consumed by the fire
Cross thyself, you plague
And vex me without need
Even though consumed by fire
We spin around the night
In seas of wrath and sudden storms
I invoke thee
We spin around the night
Consumed by the fire
For when you should have danced
Even death will die
Even though consumed by fire
We spin around the night

7. Satan Bled

8. Hirudineans
Somewhere down the line
Man created god in his image
Inadequacy on a pedestal
A basin for a lake of tears to drown in

And here we go again
Where there's blood there's hirudineans
Crawling from every hole, blotting blindly
A brainless mob on the prowl

Sycophants cough their amen
Follow the light at the end of the auricle
Egos inflate as the bugs migrate
Every blurp a revelation, an oracle

Fall, fall, fall, like flies from the heavens
The leeches slide from their slippy throne
Suck, suck, suck, till we drown in their muck
Still quetching away, splitting heads with their drone

I will not waste my time
I will not waste my anger
Trying to find the head on a worm
With a rectum on either end

A lie in a frame is still a profanity
A ghoul with a crown can never be king
Even crap will succumb to vanity
its own stench the measure of all things

Fall, fall, fall, like drunks from a tight rope
Nothing but a skidmark in history
Suck, suck, suck, empty heads run amok
Choking on self-digesting misery

Eyes will open
Only when the ass starts burning
Atrophied tentacles start groping
Always loping, never learning

Deeper and deeper
Into the swamp you sing with every word
To rot on its bottom
Until the stink heralds the next outpour of turds

9. Nemesis
Herded as cattle, and so unsuspecting
Yet volatile
Blind and deluded you prattle
Calling forth the demon
Summon your king
A horror on wings

Primed for the slaughter

Oh, how you toil
While precious walls are breaking
Your lies unspoiled
Your souls mine for the taking

And while you grope in the dark
I will walk in your midst
Poisoned sting at the ready
And there will be no awakening

Rise, minions
From venom reborn
Shed your innocence
Let the massacre commence

A simple ascent
Luring in the hapless to turn on themselves
Death in the air
You fall
Like raving fiends, you murder your own
Humans will be humans
When caught in my mare

But the worst is yet to come
As your mindless spree continues
I prepare to deliver the master stroke
Your gods, your progenies
Your guardian angels unguarded
As I approach the inner sanctum
In treachery cloaked

Unseeing offspring of sanctimonious bigotry
Here is my gift to you
My procreation in visceral blasphemy

Receive my seed
Slowly to incubate
Deep gorging into oblivion
As your doom is plunged into your flesh

As they trickle down
Drip, drip, drip, one by one
A living, breathing feast awaits my spawn
The longer you live
The stronger they'll become inside you
Ah, look at them writhe, my little ones

And you will call me your god
Begging me to deliverance from your sins
And you won't even know
Until they eat through your skin

10. The Valley
Another promise broken
Another falsehood thrown to the dogs
Time and time again we swallow
Our throats torn by the barbed fruit of iniquity

On our knees we wither
Starving on a hollow phantom
Discarded playthings, we crave in vain
For the benign almighty lie

Fools that we are

Even as our star goes under
We cling to the noose that will break our necks
To the benighted psalms of priests drunk with conceit

Like in the valley of linnom
Murdered by divinity
Our grievance shades the mountains
Our gifted souls became a pyre
The day the heavens part
God shall perish in our fire

When the final perfidy
Bleeds from the skies
Our abject eyes will see the truth

Death from above

Forsaken lepers rot away

11. Wraith
A specter writhes
Too faint for mortal eyes
A mere ululation

A deathless witness
Lurid in demise
Spawned from pain and tribulation


An orphaned want, marooned
In disembodied mayhem, howling

Just a shadow
Waning with the moon
Ever yearning, ever prowling

Doomed to linger, a wraith in a withered world
You will never sleep again
Lifeless eyes, forever haunted by the void
Gage upon the tomb of man

Cold and dried up
The ravaged plains lie dead
Buried ruins sing of the end

Faces fade away
Frozen in convulsion
In broken temples, gods quietly die

And gales roam unrestrained
Lick the horror from revulsion
Beneath the weeping scars in the sky

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