Darkspace -I

1. Dark -1.-1

Though I dream.

2. Dark -1.0

"First there was darkness, then came the strangers. They were a race as old as time itself. They had mastered the ultimate technology, the ability to alter physical reality by will alone. They called this ability “tuning.” But they were dying; their civilization was in decline. And so they abandoned their world, seeking a cure for their own mortality. Their endless journey brought them to small little world, in the farthest corner of the galaxy."

[Sample taken from the movie Dark City, released in 1998 (based on a novel). Opening monologue, spoken by Dr. Daniel P. Schreber (played by Kiefer Sutherland).]

Zorgh — Bass, Vocals
Zhaaral — Guitars, Vocals
Wroth — Guitars, Vocals

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