1. Assimūlare! (Assemblence) - Conjuration Within the Carnal...

Amen... Amen... AMEN

2. Intrare! (Entrance) - A Trail I Leave, Through the Nine...

... beyond the plains of Malkuth.
Beyond the Seven below,
into the Triangle, the upper Sefiras.
Facing east, I cross Binah.
And by witness, Beelzebub adheres to my Core,
like the Seven energies afore!

Bent and burned is one gate to Keter,
and with vision and power Chokma is absorbed,
and Lucifuge surges through me!

Setting ablaze the final gate,
the Nine Nefarious are within me,
as the energy of the Crown reaches into my core,
into my flesh.
Our Core, as One, as crowned.
Satan, sprung out like a burning rose in me.
The Black Flame.

Journey beyond Jesus and all Messiahs.
No YHVH in this world.
Behind they break.
Kliffotic wake.
Daat reveiled!
Supreme sapiency!

3. Apotheosis! - Resemblence, Though Altered Quintessence...

In my left I hold understanding,
in my right in hold wisdom.
Uniting in Knowledge.
Cramming into my Core.
Binah and Chokma crushed in my fists.
The shells crumble, and reveal their opposites.
Their former unity formed within me.
Chained in the state of Daat.

All the Cores that was before me and is me.
All they who are, were and is me flow into one,
as I rise above them.
Dæmonic Union!

Melting Cores! Enter creation! Enter force!
Where my feet stand, creation is altered.
Into the Old Kingdom I emerge anew, more true.
More than one, yet One I am.

The supreme conciousness received.
Superconcious recreation!
Turning the Key of Algol.
Earth, Water, Air and Fire in my heart.
I am beyond you!
Above you!
As I cut out of the Cycle.

4. Liberalis (Liberation) - Exaltation Beyond the Cyclus...

Superconcious core! Divine Light!
Limitlessness found in Oneness.
The ambivalence of Man, bound and broken!
As the Entity I now am.
The Flesh Cycle is broken.
Night, light, death or life, is all One.
Is all none.

A thousand eyes I use to see.
In worlds and within me.
Reveals all, all there is to see.
And now they all see, all that Eye can be.

Exalting enigmatic Core. Elevation!

Corpus Liberalis!
Life Liberalis!
Cycle Liberalis!
Death Liberalis!
Core Liberalis!

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