1. Pangenetor

Motes of dust flicker idly
in the vast emptiness
that followed the great ruination.

Chains of order,
that stood firm for generations,
were released from their decay
by the birth of the Child of Fire.

Now those infinitesimal
specks of ideation swirl
and cluster, forming new shapes
and silhouettes that resemble yet new chains.

This is Coagula, following in the wake of Solve.
This is the very moment of creation.

2. Prince of Ashes

The sun has dawned, yet the old night lingers
The sun has dawned, yet it eludes sight.

The earth I now inherit is one of ashen dunes
Haunted and inhabited by ancient sediments
They speak as if they live, these broken pieces
Still painting a picture of a kingdom failed and lost.

Anatta, there is no core in spectres
Yet they are around me and in me
Their tongues are mine
They are the air and wind
In scorched desert storms and the dry breath
The Chorus of restless voices.

A king must be an exorcist
Laying to rest the ghosts of ideation
Banishing the mirages of dust so the sun might pierce an ashen sky.

3. Værens korsvei

å ø æ

Fødselsskriket er ærlighet
slik ærligheten aldri kan romme.
Primalt, rått. I værens korsvei.
Fra et sted utenfor livet
Ærlig var svaret på det som har blitt gitt.

I ensomheten. når det stilner i det ytre
og en indre verdens ånder lokkes mot solen
stiger en stemme høyere enn sine brødre
fra et sted utenfor livet
Ærlig var dommen over ferden som har blitt vandret.

Det siste åndedrettet er liv slik livet aldri kan romme
Primalt, rått. I værens korsvei.
En gave fra livets røtter

En port ut fra tiden og inn i intet

4. Emerald Earth

Forever did I lie, dreaming
Forever did I walk, slumbering
A restless sleep, a waking dream
A world of grey and unrest

My heart rebelled against this dull horror
Yet my mind could conceive of nothing else
These eyes beheld nothing but grey dust
And my tongue could taste nothing but ashes.

Yet from this nothing arose a lotus,
Its petals golden and blue through the anguish which revealed an emerald earth.

In this lies a great mystery
None was the initiator and nought was the offering
Nothingness revealed a hidden fire,
fresh eyes to the blind
None awoke the dreamer and there was no dream.

Nothing kissed my brow and raised my eyes
Nothing took me by the hand and led me
We entered the portal
We passed through the watchtowers.

We left the world of grey marionettes and shells
And the world gladdened into green at her coming
And i beheld the emerald earth.

5. Opaque

I feel everything!
I let their uncorrupted filth flow into me.

A prayer for passion spirals towards a joyless orgasm.
The world beyond the threshold, exalted by my lust.

I incurvate the celestial body to better fit my illusion.
I pulsate with stolen life in a half imagined existence.

Where is the heart, if not in hell?

I incurvate the celestial body to better fit my illusion.
I pulsate with stolen life in a half imagined existence.

My virtue of guilt, it crumbles.
The innocence of a child is reborn.
Treasured depravity draped in slumber.
All my devils, all my angels, is there ecstasy in oblivion?

Awake i shall remain, dear Angelique.
On your philosophy of sin I cum.

Doubt invokes my determination, everything is true.
If stagnation breeds growth, would death disappoint you too?
A bridge between euphoria and anguish, to feel everything at once.
The blissful body forgets, I trust my visions are pure.
Immune to the festering world, a paradise in me.

6. Illusions

Lightless womb, eternal vibration.
Meaningless illusions, the self forsaken.

Don't resist the darkness, for there is beauty at its core.
Burn in thy own flame, and become the ash that births!

Comforting chains, terrifying freedom.
The fountain deep, in this heart of passion.
Lie once, and I will question everything.
In the space between thoughts, ,my angel burns.

Like a scarab on its back I outlived you.
The blood moon no longer bleeds,
but the scarlet rose still sings.
Horror and ecstacy peel the layers.
I weep and I wail.
A lament became a dirge.

In fiery bliss.
The ash that births!
In your deepest philosophy dreamt.
I fear only myself.

7. Palindrome

Remember your humanity.
Does it weaken you?

I want my death to be deserved. Like a keepsake.
How could I experience such felicity and remain unchanged?

Is my sentiment merely physical,
or is it the experience of imagination?
The labyrinth of stagnation exist only in the mind of the palindrome.
It's not flirtation, it's penetration.
To bring order to the erosion of existence.

The coil reversed.
Fully fleshed.

8. Ved alltings ende

å ø æ

Fra innerst i livet
har jeg søkt det
som ligger bortenfor tid.
Utenfor de mange og de få.

Mitt blod er spilt på steingrunn
Mitt håp er spredt blant virvlende stjerner
Min sjel er en veldig hall havori fossiler vandrer
og speilglass taler med rungende røster

Tolv vinger omkranser mitt fall
Strødde asker dekker min verdslighet
De som knyttet en utstrakt
hånd fra jordsmonnen mot et veldig intet.
Den tomme himmelen som
lyste ned på en verden
av fossiler og glass.
I ferden møtes vi i sirkler og bølger.
Vi er to, selv om vi er ikledd nye navn.

Ved alltings ende forenes vi i intet.

9. Rubedo

Hell, a beckoning circle, a
means to summon thee.
In the womb of wombs – to return to infancy.
I am understanding, I will solve the meaning.
I am illusion, I will manifest in perfection.

Stagnated despair, my inner urge serenades.
I am the ashen moth to my flame,
I walk with the fire of will.
My secrets lie beneath the ruins of I.

Spiral unto me in serpentine song.
Autoerotic slithering, scarletly draped in lust.
Nocturnal emissions drip into
the gaping chasm of flesh.

A crescent moon, a dancing star,
becomes one with the All.
The golden path of her gateway
Agape, In arabesque, adagio.

The seed of the beast, the milk of her breast,
I drink deep from thy chalice blessed.

In harlotry whoredom, my mistress of unity.
The singular current of eternal salvation.

Fear no longer dwells in this heart of will.
Indivisible blood now flows,
scarletly draped in love.

I destroy myself to create myself.
I am nothing. I am everything.

10. Gloria in Excelsis Deo


Encompassing life and death, and beyond them
Encompassing reason and chaos,
and beyond them.
A pillar is erected in the purple void
Ruby red and searing white,
Yet crowned in the color coiled in
the secret hearts of stars.


Once again, the wine and honey will flow
Once again, the blood and sulphur will flow
The four rivers of Eden flood the firmament.
Ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond.
They rush through us and in us.

Gloria in excelsis

Past and future. Through us and in us.
Forever and never.
And beyond even this.

11. Panphage

As the Harmageddon of the old faiths baptized a new dawn in fire,
so will this new age come to a neccessary end.
This is the way of change, of nature, of life.

Everything returns to nothing, Even time.
Beware the signs of prophets yet to be born
Beware the mind still cradled
in the bosom of the void,
Eagerly awaiting the fiery rapture of incarnation.

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