Falsvs Anno Domini

1. Forbidden Life

Whole your life is a useless despair,
Dawn of your age - just a blink of time,
You thought that you’ve got the answer, but you are still lost,
You tried to comfort yourselves by the love of God,
Who gave you life, but forbidden to its dispose,
Who gave you mind, but forbidden to realize
Who wreaks his wrath, and demands your love.
He who you praise, but he is dead in your hearts.

He is dead…
Your God is dead…

You are enslaved by your own ignorance,
Blaming the devil your own mistakes,
You glorify someone who is weaker than you,
You are afraid that your life ends in the grave
Soothing deception leaves a glimmer of hope
In a desolate bitterness of your hearts.
But whole your being is a misconception,
Living in the sadness and feeding on deception.

Look around, you are alone,
There is no one but you,
The world is imbued with sadness
You live to serve and you serve in despair.

It is time to realize that there is no God, and only death is near.
Only death is real...

2. The Apostasy

მინდოდა მეთქვა და ვერ ვიღებდი ხმას,
სათნო ტყუილი მე მიბრმავებდა თვალს.
თვითგვემით ვაიმედებდი თავს,
და თაყვანს ვცემდი ჯვარზე ჩამომპალ გვამს.

გზა უბადრუკთა, მორჩილთა ტაძარი,
წმინდა ტყუილით და შიშით სავსე,
ჩემი გზა სულ სხვაგან არის,
დავგმე ჯვარცმა და ზურგი ვაქციე...

წმინდა მესიავ, შენ გვიქადავე მორჩილება
და ბოლოს სამარე, ვეღარ მაკავებს შენი ბორკილი,
კაცობრიობის სულს რომ დაადე ვწყევლი შენს მცნებებს,
წმინდა წერილებს! სულის თვალები რომ დაგვიბრმავე.

მე არ მინდა შენი სინათლე,
მე არ მინდა შენი მზერა,
მე არ მინდა შენი ცხონება,
შენ შვილთა ბრმა დამონება,
მე არ მინდა შენი სამეფო და ჯვრის სიმძიმის თრევა,
მე არ მინდა ცოდვათა შენდობა და სამოთხეში ნეტარება.

ვეღარ ვიწამებ, მხოლოდ ტყუილის მოლოდინში ვარ შენგან, მამაო.
ღმერთს დავავიწყდით და ნაბიჭვრის სისხლს მე ბარძიმიდან არ ვეზიარო.

დიდხანს ვიარე სინანულის გზით,
შენში ვეძებდი ჩემი სულის ხსნას,
ო, ცრუ მესიავ მიწას მოხვედი მხოლოდ რომ მოკვდე ჯვარზე გაკრული
არვინ ქადაგებს დღეს ჩემს სიცოცხლეს ღმერთი დავივიწყე,
ჩემთვის მკვდარია.

დავასამარე მე მისი სიტყვა დავასამარე მე მისი სახე.
სიცრუის მახემ სული დატანჯა სიცრუემ შთანთქა კაცობრიობა,
ბნელი გონება სისხლით ვერ გაძღა, მარად სიკვდილი გააბატონა.
სულში სისხლი მდის, მკლავენ წყლულები, თავისუფლებამ შვება მომგვარა
მე გულით მწამდა შენი ტყუილი ჩემთვის მკვდარი ხარ, წმინდა სამება.

3. The Stones of the Timeless

Where does inhumanity meet reality? When does the unknown come true? I might be the saviour of someone, or something that never speaks. I might be holding the sceptre of purity, or just falling through infinity.
The flight through the ages unveils the hidden myths. To the doctrines that misled humanity - beliefs that fought wisdom - beliefs of injustice and dishonesty.

Have I been misled by the mundane? Have I fought the wrong fight? All the words they ever wrote or said, are now buried in ashes. Their weeping is too far away to be heard. Their prayers are known to be long dead.
The flight through the ages unveils the monuments of truth. To the stones that stand alone and still. Nothing can make them speak, nor pass their ancient knowledge. That mission is left for the avengers of the dark.

Hammer down the giant. Open the flesh of your enemy. The air is for all of us to breath. Kill.
The stones of the timeless stand forever. They hide the truth those lurking never found. The stones are here forever - no-one else shall be.
Kill. Bury... and let decay. Dig up the grave and burn the bones. The call of the ancients is filled with hate, anguish and revenge. Avenge and never bend!

Hammer down the giant. Open the flesh of your enemy. Avenge the centuries of oppression. Make their souls bleed.

4. When Our Light Dies Forever

Barely perceptible spot on the silent heaven vast,
Gifted us its grin through the infinities of stardust,
Presaged our ruin through the brilliance and bloom,
Through the alluring mists, reflecting our doom.
Throbbing rage hiding in the debris clouds,
A giant strength, within a cosmic shrouds.
But this beauty was deceptive, exulting our hearts,
Predicting the destruction by the weight of massive stars,
We outlived our vacant lives again and again,
Beneath our skies that slowly dies shattered in the pain.
And the universe will never know that all of us are dead.
Our world will burn in a Relativistic jet
Accretion disk distorts our stars,
A Black Hole will regurgitate our dust,
Instantly leaving the baryonic scars
Turning it to our infinite grave.
Where the light dies forever,
We will see our own end,
When the darkness takes our world,
The heavens will tremble for the last time.
When our world will emit a silent cry
All our stars will slowly die,
Under the deadly dance of Cosmic Giants.
Our light will rot in the claws of endless darkness.
Overwhelmed by gravity,
Forever lost in the structures of Universe.
Where the future and the past
Dying in each other’s arms,
Where the centuries are in trembling congelation
Our world will rest in a singular grave.

5. No Home Beneath the Stars

As a lonely star leads ones through the dark space,
To a place where tiny hope glimmers in blackness;
As we fall one by one, searching for new ground
To sense beneath our feet, to kiss it once and forever…

We remember how the light began to get dimmer,
We were giving our warm away into the dirty clouds;
The Sun’s image has been distorted so high above
With the shroud of our wasted useless lives;
We remember we were dancing bruised and proud
On the scorched titan’s breathless breast;
Being vanquished by ourselves we realized too late…
So we were dancing all the time on our own graves.

We were watching our future squirms under attack
Of total asphyxia, silently imploring for mercy;
Nobody wanted to perish in the name of science
Unlike millions perished in the name of god;
Being hopelessly sick we still were dreaming
To survive somewhere behind these ruined walls;
Being creeping in filth we were going to fly away
From the corpse of our hope, from the ruin of our home.

But there are no worlds waiting for us in lifeless void;
And there is no another home beneath those alien stars;
Our tiny hope aspired into the tremendous black hole,
Fell to atoms and dispersed with the winds of cosmic chaos.

6. Falsvs Anno Domini

When whole life ends in the vastness of time,
Miserable mankind is choked on dust of their lives,
Standing on the fragile edge of endless abyss,
With a glimmering hope they are in a bliss,

They are crawling to the foot of enthroned grasping beast

Sacrificing their own children offering their innocence
With eyes so clear and mind so aimless and undefiled,
He will devour whole truth and spit out all his lies,
And fill with it their little hearts until their mind's demise.

They are forced to drink his poisoned blood beneath his benediction,
Eating his rotting flesh, tearing it from the crucifixion.

After they get their sanity ruined they will devote their condemned souls
In return for it they get his rotten mercy from above.

They will obey the myrrhing filth from his beholding eyes,
They will worship and adore his shameless lies.

And they are rejoicing their blissful misery, they will go along with him,
Together to the one common grave.

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