Falls Of Rauros
The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood

1. Earth's Old Timid Grace


2. Banished

Barren. hollow. desolate.
Burdened by the weight of emptiness and failure.
I thought I heard them whisper..

"Come home to us and sleep once more blanketed by stars
and breathe again the air uncorrupted
and tread upon the footpaths of those you've cast aside.
Wade into the waters flowing, winding
never to contemplate these cursed thoughts again..."
This is sorrow. This in no way defines us.
How can we be so careless?
The vision is calling, is piercing our hearts.
We cannot dwell here idle while this violence goes on.

Banished. Driven out of existence. A curse upon the earth.
Always under the banner of progress and feigned elevation.
Know that this culture will dissolve. It is the natural conclusion.
This cannot persist much longer.
One day we'll build upon the ruins of this dead world.

3. Awaiting The Fire Or Flood That Awakes It

Traced back. Followed to the root of our violence and destruction.
Our culture devours our home and renders listless our bodies
til death-urge prevails.
Our linear perception closes doors
strangles the truth, subdues the primal in all that lives.

This is not who we are. This. is. not.
Not one of us was born for this, yet who among you seek
the pyre that's burning in the distance?
The wildness in our hearts.
The blazing torrent we're immersed in is failing, diminishing.
Blighted by corruption and consumed.

Down below this concrete prison, dying yet always enduring
remains a resistance to this endless cycle
of production, consumption and spiritual rape.

Tear down every last prison.
Open all cages and disrupt the current.
Bring down all institution. Rip up foundation
and love as you used to.

4. Nonesuch River Chant


5. Silence

Wandering ever further.
Gathering momentum unrestrained.
There is no telling when we'll remember.
Or if we will at all..
Doomed to fall. Fall into darkness.
Fade into darkness.

Only a vague memory will then remain.
Embrace the absence of chaos
and the silence and the ruin that will follow.
Some say it was our destiny.

All that you love will perish
before your lifeless eyes.
You say you never saw it coming.
You say you'd have tried to stop it.
I don't believe you.
I don't believe you.
I will not listen to a single fucking word.
Not a word. Not a word.

6. The Cormorants Shiver On Their Rocks


7. All That Howling Fog

[Bonus Track]ever you seek to rein in
wild abandon and the spirit of the untamed
I am taking every measure
to fill my lungs with quiet; rare and free
whispering.. there are voices upon the air
calling to us in a language we've forgotten
all ears tuned to the humming of industry
and by its gallop we'll be haunted

not with the birthing of ideals will we be faultless
nor in the carving of symbols will we ascend

not with the birthing of ideals, not in the carving of symbols
we have created a state of endless hunger
it is the nurturing of illness
it is the blurring of wildness and chaos
the embodiment of alienation
a blatant monument to selfishness
it can not go on like this; it can not last
and everything will vanish in its wake

as our shadows are wreathed in a dimness
growing more vague, growing thinner
clouded and distant
and the last of hope fades into a black smoke of decay

take what's held dear
silence its thunder
dampen the breadth of its essence
to subsiding color
take what you hold dear
bury its flame
under the yawning grey ashes
wielding your sorrow


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