GEHENNA "Black Seared Heart"1997 Holycaust Records

1. Two Demons Eight Spirits
2. Black Seared Heart
3. Angelwings And Ravenclaws
4. The Chariots That Carried Her To The Grave
5. A Witch Is Born
6. Night Of The Serpents Judgement
7. Midwinter Forest

Two Demons Eight Spirits
"Come forth demons Breathe through the walls that entomb you"

The sword of my armour
My wind of of something darker
The hole of my grave dug deeper
The hymms of my funeral get louder
The evil tyrant I was I am
Laughter for lust I greed
The spells of my spirit
This world I now leave

My sword might be rusty
My mind may be old
But no one can change my faith
It has been foretold

I am a harbour for restless demonsouls
I have left nothing
Two demong eight Spirits

Later eight spirits will be left to me
Then I shall be for all eternity

Black Seared Heart
When I look upon these burialgrounds my heart sighs
Deep is the dark, so it my heart

My black seared heart is the way
from the cold clouds above rains
Dust of death
In my mouth, in my breath

The cold struck urge for pain
Increases the lust to gain
Reign of knowledge
My apcalyptic vision at its very peak

My black seared heart can wait no longer
The force deep desertion has grown stronger

Angelwings And Ravenclaws
Crossing the channel of fire
The wings of the dragon shall carry me high
The sky so dark and cold
Known only to the spirits that grew old

We rush towards th ravenclaws
They silently await to crush us all
We await the coming
Cursed as hellbound lizards we all shall crawl

Not the blessed
Nor the gifted
We choose the true evil
Not the feeble

We lords of dogs
We lords of the hammer
We lords of swords
We call upon thee
Souls of the infernal
Ghosts of the wicked
Spirits of all that is evil
Dance to the masters organ

We call upon you
Incarnated souls of disaster
Spread the fire all high and loww
The ravenclaws have waited to long

The Chariots That Carried Her To The Grave
O' Sarah can you hear me?
When they killed you did you cry (black tears)?
When your heart stopped, were you led to Hell's fire?

Forever it seemed, for every dream I dreamed

When they carried you off the birds flew away can you tell me why?
All the love I lost has turned to hate

Eternally I'll wait for the day your executioner falls to his death

O' Sarah what did they do?
Did they not know that I was in love with you?
Now my darkest hour has come
My evil work will now be done

O' Sarah do you have to leave?
Sarah plase can't you stay?
Sarah thou art a witch or so they all say
(please stay)

Legions of demons will avenge your death
So be it if it cost me my last breath

A Witch Is Born
In a crooked house as old as the forest
A child was born in fire

Her hellish voice, her furious screams
In my crystal that night I could hear

Ten thousand childrean: The dau she was born
Suffered and died in their crypts

A witch is born

With eyes of lightning, raven black hair
She was a beauty

She came here to rule us all
With her cruelty

I admire her beauty, and
The madness that she brings
Singing in awe
Hail o new born witch

A witch is born

Night Of The Serpents Judgement
Many nights I have waked
Waiting for the four winds to gather
Here in the desert there are no roads
They went away the night before

Silence only surrounds me
For things left behind
Be it a gate to this shrine

The wolves in their midnight speeches
Scream my name out loud in torment
I shall haunt you, haunt you all
Desecrate your neverdying souls
Only darkness can hold this lonesome soul

In darkness I drown the pains away
I shall haunt you, haunt you all
Dececrate your neverdying souls
...your souls...

Midwinter Forest
Frozen shadows of trees in the snow
Like the claws of a thousand wolves
It lies there like a sleeping ghost
Waiting to be awakened by a spell

The ravens in the sky
The silent screams in their clear black eyes
As they see the blood in the snow
Thousands of men in this battle did fall

Like dragons they fought, to the last man had died
There was never a thought of surrender
Buried in the snow they are forever laid to rest
in this haunting midwinter forest

--== Taken from Roman Isakov's lyrics collection ==--

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