1. Grenade Prayer

Pure Darkness
By the eight we condemn you to hell
Where is God as you cling to your faith?
Your last hope is in a grenade

At the end of
Sweaty palms and
Coward stare
This is
What you fear

Anatomy of God
Disaster breed
Without worth

No greater meaning
No higher truth
No blissful being
Just darkness
And you

2. Death To Them All

Not worthy of life
Let them be mangled
In their own demise

Dance to the rhythm
Of necks when they break

Death to them all
Death to them all
Watch them bleed
From open skulls

3. New Blood

With faces frozen
Into deathmasks they lay
Huge masses of flesh
Piled up
Like a blood spattered pyramid
In the pit torn open
Clawing mauling each other
Even in death

New blood
Death again

Precious life
Turned to mangled bodies
In their grave

New blood
Death again

4. Flames Of The Pit

In the blood soaked mud
Left to die unknown
Deceiving propaganda
Your love will not reach home
The trench you dug
Your grave without a stone
Surrender to death
And hand in your head

Life that was holy
Flames of the pit
The darkness of nothingness
Be thy grail

Cremated visions
Of the prophet fool
Hanging pallid
As its wishes grew
Another being
Another lie
Life that was holy
Is fake and weak

5. Silence The Earth

Like a raging fire
Consuming the remnants of life
The final holocaust
Swept across all land

Silence fell
Upon the earth
All gods were dead
We killed them first

Twilight fell
Upon the earth
The soil was red
We quenched our thirst for blood

The shredded flesh
Scorched in the sun
Now resting, rotting
On barren ground

And darkness fell
Upon the earth
A silent planet
All life erased

6. Werewolf

Inescapable darkness draws us in
It is here the unspeakable
Murder will be consummated

Nothing is ever quiet here
Nothing ever changes

But the end is near
And we will have reached our destination
Turn our gaze away
Choose nothingness
Gates closed behind us
Boundless the deep below us

Nothing is ever quiet here
Nothing ever changes

7. Abattoir

Death is on its wings
Riding you like a plague
The clock is ticking
Your life will fade
This nightly realm
Is void of your God

Cannot hide
Cannot deny
Cannot turn away
Cannot pray

You are lost
And hold no key
Cannot defend yourself
Death is certain

Drowning in the disgust
Your own regurgitated blood
Pain will keep your senses clear
Like visions of the dying cross
Surrender your flesh
To furnish the flames

It has destroyed you

8. Pallbearer

Pale skin lifeless eyes
Blood running from their mouths
Gaping sounds, scabs and sores
Skin hanging from their bones

I am alone
No one can see me
No one knows
The darkness within me

Death is what I love
Its sinister rituals
The dead are in my mind

Night falls
Life drains
On my altar
Life ends

Death is what I love
Its sinister rituals
The dead are here with me

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