Sea of Dreams


When darkness is fallin and you feel alone
You pray for love but none you found
The girls in graves are callin out your name
You gonna get love but itīs from the underground

Your paralized legs starts to walk
The moon is full and the shadows crawl
Cemetary is misty and cold
You wanna have love but with no one old

You look at the stones and read their names
You startin to dig you feel insane
The spade hits the coffin you get a chill
This one is dead you donīt have to kill

You have just commited a crime
But you donīt care the girl was fine
What will you do when you are done
Were you proud with yourself when you made love

You know itīs wrong to dig up people from the graves
Is there something that isīnt working in your brain
When you were younger no one gave much love to you
Alone in this world no one knows that you exists

Youīre a psycho and sick to the core
You dig up the girls and make them to whores
Donīt you know that is wrong
The dead are helpless and youīre feeling strong

Is this some kind of revenge
When you were little no one gave you a chance
No one knows whatīs going on in your head
All we know you make love to the dead

Now you are dead and gone and lyin in the dirt
The dead ones rest in peace they are no longer disturbed


The night is dark my heart is black
Sittin here alone with a candle lit
I mourn you taste a tear on my lip
Who decided that just you, you have to die

Shadows gazing and stands so tall
Moon is full and so is my head
You are now walking among the dead

Memories of you is all I got
In this world where everything is lost
I donīt believe in good or evil
The only thing I believe is in sadness that I feel

Shadows gazing and stands so tall
Moon is full and so is my head
You are now walking among the dead

When I close my eyes to go to sleep
In memory I search so deep
Of the finest picture i got of you
You are not with me thatīs sad but true

Shadows gazing and stands so tall
Moon is full and so is my head
You are now walking among the dead


Welcome to a trip with me
Inside my brain to insanity
A guided journey to misery
You listen to what I say
I donīt know you, you know my name
We sit and talk and youīre gettin paid
I canīt explain how I feel
When everyone is judging me

I hope you find the reasons why
Iīm sittin here and almost cry
It cuts so deep inside of me
But at the same time I feel complete
Is life a mission or is it a gift
I canīt think more see you next week
What would you think if I told you the truth
In this world we are born to loose

The thoughts I have is makin me
So afraid for reality
Iīm sittin here in the chair again
Speakin emotions direct from my brain
I canīt tell this to anyone
Just the ones there trust is found
Maybe you think Iīll be better of dead
But I just wanna know who I am


Cold December night darkness descending outside
Surrounded by silence and time
Dreams start to arise
I wish it was real I wish it was life

Escape from reality

All the dreams I have and I want them to come true
It will never happen wouldnīt you be broken too
I sit here alone with all the dreams in my head
Please stop messin with me, stop messin with my head

When I close my eyes I still can see
All the beautiful places where I never been
I wish I could see this in reality
But I can only have it in my fantasy

Escape from reality

The places I have seen with my eyes closed
They are printed in my mind them I never lose
I canīt visit them but they canīt be taken away
In my memory forever they will stay

Sadness overcomes me my soul is unleashed
I spoke to my master who guides me in my dreams
I enter my dream world with tears in my eyes
Hunger for the beauty reality starts to die

Iīm longing for my dreams everynight
cause they make justice to my life
When I feel the fear I start to dream
Reality I no longer can see

Escape from reality

If I donīt have my dreams I donīt have anything
All would be senseless why canīt life be a dream
Iīll try so hard to see joy in reality
But I have my dreams thatīs all that matters to me


I am the blood flowing in your veins
I am the one whoīs making you insane
I am the one whoīs eating on your brain
I am the one who gives you all the pain
I am the demon that lives inside of you
Iīll make you do thing you donīt want to
I control you everything you do
Iīll just say and you will obey

I am your heartbeat and your feelings too
I am the hatred you carry around
I live inside of you til you are underground
I am the tears you never cry
I am the demon that lives inside of you
Iīll make you do thing you donīt want to
I control you everything you do
Iīll just say and you will obey

I have lived inside you for a long long time
I will surely miss you the day you die
Then I transfer into another body
I can never die Iīll just live inside

I am the hatred when everything turns black
I am the one who gives you a heartattack
I am the one that make your wounds bleed
No matter what Iīll do the guilt is on you
I am the demon that lives inside of you
Iīll make you do thing you donīt want to
I control you everything you do
Iīll just say and you will obey


Close your eyes as if you die
There is no lies in the twilight sky
Donīt try to hide donīt you realize
The only thing is to take your life
So come with me Iīm all you need
Or I will never let you see
I have the key to the eternity
Suicide and youīre forever free


I am walking in the winter night
Under the moon alone
Shadows hanging over me
Like painful memories
Canīt you tell me where I belong
In this society
I donīt care about anything
Itīs all destiny

Someone else is telling us
How were suppossed to feel
I am so sick of it
the news on T.V.
If you donīt feel like others do
Then youīre a stranger
Canīt help it but I hate it all
Then Iīm danger

My head is full of voices
Which are calling me
I canīt sleep because they speaking
My mind is full I want it free
Sometimes it feels I wanna cry
I wanna scream I wanna die
Canīt you see Iīm afraid
To fall a sleep and let voices take
Control of me like they done before
Iīm not sure I can take no more
Sometimes I need to clear my head
In silence, In silence forever

Sometimes I need to be
Alone in silence
Sometimes itīs hard to be
solitude in silence
I guess it doesnīt matter to you
How I am feeling
Thatīs the sign youīre giving me
When you never set me free

I am walking alone again
No one can touch me
I need this to clear my head
The cure is pleasing


I am now layin on my deathbed
Cold and weak and full of pain
My skin is wrinkled and Iīm searching
for a reason to not pass away

I have been sick for a long time
The cancer has taken my soul
I lay alone in a dark room
Wait every day to be fetched by death

In silence Iīm lying
Deathwish burning strong
I just wanna sleep forever
Iīm to weak to take my life

I am now dreaming that Iīm dying
My soul is free from all the pain
I am now crying, crying in happiness
But I wake up to reality again

I hate this life that Iīm living
People surrounds me to take goodbye
I can feel it this is my last time
I close my eyes and smile to my death


Preachinī about a nice paradise
That donīt even exists
You are so full of shit in your brain
That you donīt understand

Someone created the lies that you buy
You believe in what they say
Canīt you realize itīs all fantasy
Find out when you die

You trying to talk to the people you meet
And they donīt care a shit
You feeling helpless and out of control
Religion is your friend

Many other fools like you
Believeīs in the same paradise
That must be something you just can see
Through your religious eyes

I guess that you never learn
When you die you gonna burn
Or rot away in the underground
And if there was a paradise
You gotta ask the reason why
You ended up in that place
I will never believe your lies
About the disgusting paradise

You were preaching about a nice paradise
That donīt even exists
You were so full of shit in your brain
That you didnīt understood

I hope you see there was no paradise
It was all in your eyes
Lived your whole life with the lies
Iīm glad that you died

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