Expect The Worst

1. Grown in Black


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

Wheel of destiny is sent
I stare with hate at my best friend
Old,alone and compromised
I see the end through my own vice

I try to victimize the one I was before
Regarding nothingness I enter at death`s door
Trying to justify myself within these four walls
Burning that cigarette, reckoning my universe

I see the world is fading down
The emptiness is going round
I`m old, alone, with no sustain
The grown in black is here to stay

Now when the days are gone
I`m looking back with hate
All I loved back then is lost
And nothing to replace
And when I walk this desert
I`m going all alone
Was grown in black to say
`Here there is no dawn !`

2. Anthem of Hate


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

If I am lost for a hundred years
Wandering these desert lands
And all I see is wild and sear
My flesh creeps as one I stand

Gone forever - My will to succeed
It will come back never - I am the anti-me

So drowned in darkness
I live my coldest dream
My vim is lifeless
All the chances low-end

Now I know I`m not alone
In the end we`ll break the chains
We`ll roam the Earth, tear it down
To cure it from the human plague

All our hate boiling here
Will soon be bursting forth
All we need is to be strong
Attack all enemies with full force

There`s no mercy from their sight
A pile of worms I see
Everything burnt to the ground
The world ceases to exists.

Think in silence and let yourself go
And the light will come upon your thoughts
Then rush in silence and let yourself be
The light will come upon your dreams

3. Stranded


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

I stand beside my fellow mates
No fear, no tears, you`ll fell our hate
We`ll bring you down and you will die
Feel the blast from all our eyes
All is now within our grasp

For all the sorrow in this world
I`ll take my chance for what is worth
Final mission : terminate
We`ll haunt you ever in your dreams
Fantastic ghosts from outer realms
Eradicate your every trace !

Love and hate will fall apart
Something stranded in my heart
You let me down
Now you`re falling with no bond.

Welcome your fate
Infinite wait

4. Gone Forever


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

Gone forever - away from my sight
I see a window upon space and time
Like a shadow they took you far away
Falling teardrops on a rainy day

So many different faces
Once again pierce through my head
A thousand memories that now are dead

Yes I still remember all those times
When we were so true my friend
I`ll have to take this with me `till the end

All went around
And came around
Now our faith is lost
As we have our faces down on ground

Gone forever - away from my sight
I see a window upon space and time
Like a shadow they took you far away
Falling teardrops on a rainy day

-Guitar Solo - Alin Moise

Gone forever - away from my sight
I see a window upon space and time
Like a shadow they took you far away
Falling teardrops on a rainy day

5. Expect the Worst


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

So I ride towards
The abysses of the scorn
So I feel within
The abysses of the sin

No pain will justify this
Poor hollow soul reaching its bliss
You feel like loosing all control
But that`s alright
Expect the worst

Sometimes you`ll crave the anger
A war of nerves will drain
Expect the worst

In your back a sluggish stench
Senseless words are all you spit
I wonder if you have a heart
Living without makes perfect sense

6. Far, Deep in the Cold


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut, Klepsy

There is no hope
In future times
In the unknown
I`ll close my eyes

Your wings were broken by your fears
Decayed from pagan thoughts - so clear
Fallen faith is what you need
From your past - your presence

No one can see what I`ve been through
My faith has turned its face from me
Been traveling on , I`ve reached the end
I`ll take my place out of this world

7. Enter the Pit


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

Now it`s time you people gather round
Young and old, enjoy this mighty sound

I want to see you people break a leg
Light up the fire within
It`s time you face the wall of death
Destroy the shit out of your kin

Bring it down !

You`re standing alone now
Into giving yourself away
Be trying to take back
Doesn`t matter anyway

8. Fall of Gods


Music : Petrut
Lyrics : Petrut

As we rise
The angels fall from the sky
Drowning in fear
In the greatest river of tears

As you see, the story goes beyond all beliefs
When a man walks this earth in obscurity
A warrior brought down by a million fists
Ostracized, victimized to their rotten bliss

Towards the end
They`re lying and faking
Now you`ll see the shattered side of soul.

We come for them all
They are at our mercy
There`s no fallen god to save us from the cold

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