Touch of Eternity

1. Anguish

Forgotten in pain
By those who loved me once
I'm praying that just my silence
Will be heard
And I know that the time
Is my father...

Eli, Eli
Lama Sabachtanni

[Solo: Emil]

I begin to accept the betrayal
As a primal sense of life
I want to run and hide
But I'm scared
Don't blame me for my pain
Forgive me for my hope.

Silence in my pain...

2. Charges

If I support on broken dreams
When I feel the flowing hate
When aversion's not what it seems

And when the charged is the one who waits
In a world of frozen tears
Take away this cheated mirror

Becoming more than a man

Charge the wind
Charge the fire
Charge the sorrow

As the truth believes in lie
To avoid this endless search
To escape from fallen name
I'm settled down in peace
and I know it's time to leave
Drab and dirt I don't want to know you

3. Memorial Winter

My brothers are dead
Here I am alone
I'm fighting, I'm proud
To worship the dirt...
My brothers, I praise you
There's nothing left for me
I won't haunt your shadows eternally...

Use your eyes instead of your fucking soul
Don't seek your deepest sides of dreams in trash
Honesty means cry
It feels so strong when you try to make an order

In a fake tomorrow
We'll be crossed souls again
I hope I'll see you happy
As we'll meet someday again

[Solo: Emil]

4. Into the Light

On the road to darkness
There's a roam that someone knows
Will it be showed?...
Like the deepest secret
You paint the rage in a coloured way
Your mask is afraid...

Hate - you want to come inside me
Hate - you think you'll set me free
Hate - you know I'll fight until
My last day will come

The voice of innocence is asking now:
Am I born just to die?

5. Whispers

Standing in silence
Listening to the wind
It's a vision of a sad whispering
Which cries for the light
To blow away the shadows

I Whisper

The distant music of my sorrow
Is flowing like the wind
In the front of my eyes
My very blind eyes...

[Solo: Alin]

This was my first time

6. Regret

I, who am I?
In your eyes
Who am I?
Sky, a free sky
I will see
When I die

My tears - that no one sees
My prayers - that no one wants to hear
My thoughts - that no one knows
My pain - that no one wants to hear

Bloody prayer...

[Solo: Emil]

The happiness I never saw
The real joy I never heard
The love I never knew
The real life I never felt

7. The Flying

Doesn't matter what I shall make
Whatever I'll try to break

Like a shadow
Inside of me
Is my lost soul
That always bleeds
Where's my brother?
Where's myself I used to love?
Scaring masks I see in me.

I'm flying away
I'm falling in my own thoughts
I'm erasing this game
I'm another one that goes away

I've heard the voices
Calling me in vain
Between the sun and misery
I don't believe in me again.

[Solo: Alin]

8. Eternity

In my heart
In my soul
There's nothing right
But I'm pleased, my lord

I've paid enough to be so soothed

God, forgive me
For what I've done
My anguish cry
Means nothing else but none
Years of shadows
This is left behind
I'm independent
There is so much to find!...

My life, my fate
This is eternity

9. Hand in Hand

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