Grey Skies Fallen

1. Earthwalker

Falling far off this wall again
I'm bleeding much more than they command
Always a constant fight for truth
I can't believe the world
I can believe the lies.
Digging my way into the ground
reaching for a grave buried long ago
Earthwalker of unknown origin
cutting at the same wounds
cutting at those threads again

Archaic philosophies
Judging the sins of man
My move is calculated
Forward on my command
Bleeding, these wounds remain
I struggle to see this through
Flashback, it all comes flooding in
All the life that’s been choked away

Through the sorrow and the grief
The blind will lead the blind
Into tomorrow, the shepherds will lead the...

Shallow-minded, those who see things one way
Arise before it’s too late,
You may only have one more day
Earthwalker will always remain
A guardian to man for all time
Though fear much time is needed
To fix what they have done

He stares into the sun
Awaiting the next invasion
Preparing for war at all times
The hypocrisy of man knows no end

2. Safe Passage

Frozen, a world trapped in time,
Malfunctioning systems, a way of life
Question nothing, just walk the line
No reason to say more, no reason to try
Paralyzed and doomed to stay
To watch it crumble, and feel the dread inside
A vague remembrance, a glimpse into the past
It flashes by, and calls us home

Now rise, and walk again
Lead the ones before you
And guide them to the end
This time, you'll see it through
It's no longer a question
You know what you must do
It’s wise, to rid this place
Of this oppression
And lead their fall from grace
You’ll find behind those eyes
Are thoughts to stop you
And welcome our demise

The sacred realm has never been seen
Through the eyes of man
I’ve been told we’d never believe
Things we could accomplish there

Mind control, losing its grasp
Lifting the fog that's encompassed our lives
For a long time, such a long time
This fear we shared, a thing of the past
Now dead and gone, I feel a sense
That I don't know, no I don't know
What is to come in the days and years
The future is bright now that the world is free
From the clutches of death and now thrives
On those who took their last breath
At our hands, we rose from our graves and took back our lives, took back our minds and took back our time, so now we can take in the air, learn from on our past and start again.

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