Grey Skies Fallen

1. Everything and Nothing at All

Peel back the skin
And reveal what we already know
A parasite, feeding on the helpless
With tendencies to maim and kill its host
I've seen your well-concealed dark side
I've known it for all this time
That without a plan or some purpose
You'll start to feel it on the inside

Leave it to no one
Just do it yourself
You once had it all
Yet nothing remains

So now here we are, face to face through a broken window
I see the wreckage, miles away

Cannot separate the passion from the hate I'm feeling for you
Where's the compromise, I'm tired of the lies I'm hearing from you


Did you really try
To keep it deep inside
Or was the pain inviting?
Ride the changing tide
Destroyer of your life
Is this at all surprising?

This is where the body lies
Cold and bare, and devoid of life
Time to say your last goodbyes
Make it quick, don't waste my time
Ashes where the body was
Never again shall you gain my trust

Wasted...memories...i can...feel them heart...always
Silenced...for the...last you're
Weakened...victim...left with...nothing.

2. When Promise Lies

I need to let it go
This pain that I've been holding onto
for the longest time and I would like to
Erase the memories and claim what I lost.

Build me up to heights before unseen
and tear me down as though I never existed
When promise lies
At least I'll know where I stand

Don't cry for me, I'll be fine
I know you'll stay beside me
The once great potential dies
Oh, when promise lies.

Hear the cries of the fallen
Always keep them with you
Don't mingle with the sullen
Or you'll be one of them
When you fail and you shall fail
It's just a matter of when not if
And then it begins again

I need to let it go
This dream that I've been holding onto
For the longest time but I have to
Stay the course and regain my soul

I won't be left to rot here in this grave
I don't believe in the predetermined
Evaluate the choices I have made
And live my life

3. Introspective

Fear has long become my friend
It pains me to no end
To sit and think of life
As pages turned or days gone by
I question all I cannot see
All this fear deep inside me
Must dissipate before I question even more.

When's my time?
To live beyond what's thought of me
And grab the golden ring

Far from here, lies the key to the future
I have searched long in vain, as it's buried in sand
Fall from grace, a descent from the heavens
I have seen with my own eyes, the horrors before

Those times, are dead and gone
I've left them behind I've turned away and moved on
This time, it's to the end
Regardless of what I've said again and again

It's easier said than done
Cannot assume this will turn out well
I must escape this, my living hell
Others have tried and others have failed
Their heaven fell
Damage is done but the path is clear
I see the way through the haunting fear
Challenged am I now to find a way
To break this spell

Across the line, the great divide
That separates the truth from lies
This is where I will find
Myself with renewed life

This seems to be the place for me
Until I've grabbed the one thing I can't find
And then I'll try to reassure myself that all is right
So stay down, just lay down
Until this wave has passed again
Don't you see?
Embrace the new horizon

Careful with the power
This gift I have received
I've chased it for my whole life
I found the key
Take me at my word now
I won't be satisfied
Until I've carved a new way
Until I cross the line

I've never felt this way before
Something tells me something's wrong
I won't be fooled, no not again
I'll live those words until my end
After all that I've been through
I can't believe you have been true
Prove me wrong, I fear I'm right
I won't be led astray

Won't be led astray

I can see the end so clear
Removal of this doubt and fear
It's enticing, a perfect life
Be rid of conflict be rid of strife
It's my freedom that I need
Close me out and watch me bleed
Here's a chance to, start anew
It's time to seize the day

Time to seize the day

Flying high, lost all sense of time
Broke the chains and threw them down
Another try, now I've got it right
Leave the scene without a sound

You truly wonder why I chose to leave you here
You never really tried to understand the fear

Feel I've risen from the dead
And conquered the thoughts once in my head
Now I'll try to contemplate
Where I'll head to next

Never again shall I waiver
Never again shall I fall
Once again I feel complete
Once again I am whole

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