Grey Skies Fallen
The Many Sides of Truth

1. Ritual of the Exiter

Meant to break the fall
Wide-open surroundings
Life has just begun
So get to where you’re dying

The endless sky
The endless sky

To waste away is one
Way to tell the story
Another part of life
Take in full surroundings

The endless sky
The endless sky

Sun peaks through
The branches of the crystal wood
Sight of the mind
Lead me toward the blind

But the darkness beyond the light
You know what awaits you there
No roads to see, a dam of despair
A fracture behind the grave

The cries I heard
Never match the story
Stand your ground
Against the grain, toward the peak

The end is near, the pieces in place
To lead you toward your crypt
No ground to run, no barriers in sight
To rid you of your pain

Now that I’m here, my visions are clear
Upon twisting my arm, clearly the flesh decides
My thoughts to the air, like tossing a stone
This iron was forged beyond repair

2. Unroot Transparent Being

3. The Flame

Burning brightly, stand beside me
Behold the world
This incarnation, it infects them
One by one
The plagues of old, horrors untold
Replaced by modern men
With genocide, amid their cries
The screams for life

So many before you have fallen before me
What makes you so different than they were?
Do tell me
And why should I even care?
It's your world that's beyond repair
Chances were given and messages sent
You chose to ignore them, your time is now spent

Visions of life after death I assure you are just that
And when it comes time to destroy you
You'll learn the reason why
I came to this place and why you all must
Die by my hand, a cleansing of lands
Plant the seed for those to
Come take my hand
Beside me you stand
Observe as fate unveils her
Plan to destroy you
The ancients before knew
Yet they left you to fend for yourselves

From my being here, you must know you've failed
To discern right from wrong, you've killed your world
Raining down, what's left of the sky
Liquified it drips to the ground

4. Of the Ancients

Torn between two worlds
He stands, his mind astray
Others come offering easy ways
To lead this man away
Waiting for the sign
A flame engulfs the sky
Yet he lives and still he breathes
As all the others die

This man now stalks the land
In search of another
He must come to terms with
A life that was snatched away

Still the heavens burn
And the world is cold and dead
Seems we didn't learn
From what the ancients said
He's giving all he can
A tired, broken man
Always fighting to live
Doing what he can

Why have you left me as the only one?
Crawling, clawing, a scavenger
Fueled by the rays of the sun

My planet, a corpse, its people just a memory
Taken aback by the loss
The complete and utter end

Left there for all time
He quickly realized
Words of the ancients
Showed them the way
They threw them to the side
Words of the ancients
Spoken so long ago
Ignored by them all
Words of the ancients
Still I remain, I wait for his return
Man of fire, lord of dawn

5. Isolation Point

6. End of My Rope

For the life of me, I can't recall
Just when this life in me meant anything at all

I feel this isolation
Screaming, at the end of my rope
I see the degradation
Clinging, to the end of my rope
Once again the last in line
Burning, the end of my rope
Who cares if I survive?
I felt the same way, some time before
Although this time, my feeling's pure

Life is what I make it

Come to my senses
Before it's too late
And hopefully some sanity returns

It's real, this constant danger
Nearing, the end of my rope
The fear, looking over my shoulder
Swinging, from the end of my rope
I take the blade and hack away
Slicing, at the end of my rope
And as I fall I hope to see
Another day, and this time it's all for me

These things that I feel
Are hard to keep down inside
Try to determine the truth and the way
All of us should try
It's taking so long
And I've got but one of these lives
To live it so wrong
Is to throw sand in the eyes

7. Winter Hand

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