Grey Skies Fallen
Tomorrow's in Doubt

1. Without Words

2. The Essence of Motion

I see the leaves are changing
From a brilliant green to a multitude of colors
Autumn arrives, and they die.
The Earth, the customary place for their decay.

The same song for centuries
It’s verses glide through time.

I see the snow is falling
A peaceful dream, devoid of imperfection.
Search with me and you’ll see
A most beautiful sight, so pleasing to the eye

Waiting for eternity.
Seems as though the laws of life have changed.
The old song fades into obscurity.
The words have gone away..

A day without sun can’t kill me.
In time, I’ll find a way to break this bind.
Eternal nighttime, no light in sight anymore
As we wait for the sun to break through and to shine.

3. Dream the Day Away

Away, away from here
Beyond the reaches of the dying sun
A final wish remains unanswered
And countless fingers cling to reason.
I’m still unsure of where I’ve landed
After my great fall
Through the mist I read your eyes
They can’t conceal the hatred inside.

What atrocity did I commit to destroy your faith in me?
I try to dream the day away, but it doesn’t help me.
Remember when we stood together
And gazed into the endless sea
Those are the days I’d like to live again.

One day you will find sadness in your life
I tried to tell you why, don’t you remember?
You’ve wasted all this time, searching for a sign
The reason you must try to remember.

In my life, I can recall
A great rise, and even greater fall
I’ve seen it all.
I now see I must roll with the tide.
Think back only to realize
I am alone...always die alone.

4. Tomorrow's in Doubt

For too long, I lay silently contemplating
"Stay your tongue" is what I'm told
Time and time again...
I grow tired, and wait for sleep that never comes
Left to drown in muddied seas
It's been this way for ages now.

Endless nights bring heavy eyes, I know
A pounding head and a bleeding heart, I know
Too far away to run
Any dreams I may have had come screeching to a halt.

I need salvation.
Cleanse the wound so that I may live again
Wait for tomorrow.
And hope it's brighter than it was today.

Foolish cries from a foolish man
I now realize my hopes are in vain
Once again you come to me in dreams
I cannot stop you.
Now inside, penetrating
I can clearly see that I am dead

As tears fill my eyes, I look to the sky
Raising my hand I call silence.

In visions I see what might have been
But yesterday's gone.
To hope for tomorrow and what it may bring
And leave it behind.

5. Silent Cry

A silent cry visits the heavens
You crack a smile as it fades to infinity
Unheard by all, my fate secured
I fall to my knees and cover my face
With tears in my eyes I peer through my fingers
An empty call to save my soul.

The choices before me, a tempting lot indeed
I choose to grab one, you pull it away from me
Find joy in my torment, and light in my suffering
I stare at you still, but now you're laughing.

It's burning always.
Cannot extinguish the flame.

6. Let Me Breathe

This heart of mine, unseen for ages
Grows black in time, and falls to the Earth
Violent dreams tormenting me, paint a darkened scene
Your master plan, the task at hand is to take my life away again.

I brace myself for you, and the hell you've put me through
I'd like to feel the air. I'd like to breathe again one final time.
So now you're blind and can't see, a sudden sadness grips me
These complications impede my ability to breathe.

What have you done to me?
I see no wound yet still I'm bleeding
Why is this happening?
I'd like to know why I'm not breathing anymore
I've heard it all before and I tire of the lie.

This heart of mine, begins its healing
Must find a way to regain the feeling
There's nothing you can say or do
That will nullify the damage done by you
I take comfort in knowing that you are gone for good
Yet I feel your eyes watching from afar.

7. Fragments

Memories of another time,
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.
Though distant, I can still hear their voices,
Begging me to avenge their pain.
Silence, a welcome sound at this moment,
I'd rather be anywhere but here.
The fragments of a life in upheaval,
Remained untouched for all who care to see.

A painful reminder of the way things used to be.
I'm drowning. It's harder now than it ever was before.

Where are you standing?
Yes I can see you, but I can't see your face
Who are you fooling?
You have deceived me for the last time.

Looking to another time,
I stand alone on my own in the future.
I've struggled to forget what befell me,
The memories will always stay with me.
Tired of the endless failure,
"Suck it up and accept your fate."
You tell me, though I choose not to listen,
A stubborn fool, unwilling to be saved.

Must endure another endless day,
I wither away. I can't be saved.
Looking past the troubles of today,
I wither away to nothingness.

I'd like to start again,
With a better plan to follow.
And trust in me, and only me,
I can trust no other.

A new day arrives, and I embrace the sunlight.
Now to sweep aside the horrors of the past
A great time to be alive, the lessons learned stay with me.
So now I test myself to see if I survive...

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