Incense of Rest

1. (Intro) Chant Of The Unholy Victory

2. Whispering In Tears Of Blood

Scream of hate dooming,
rising sun is falling,
fading eyes are bleeding,
tears of blood are dripping.
A massive voice - A weeping cry,
Satan speaks - Angels cry,
God of light - Forever gone,
freezing storms - dying lands.
"Scream for me as I bleed for you;
live inside my shadows. So here I am
to possess my land, my land, my land
of golden damnation."
No sun, no light.
Chanting souls above hypnotize.

3. Incense Of Rest

River to Hades, I look for you. Mighty dark wings,
guide my voice. Ancient Charon,
hear my cry. Save me from the son of light.
Dancing spirits respond my call. God
of darkness takes my souls. Sing thy
song of victory. At last I rest, towards,
Hades I float.
Voyage of souls - Incense of rest.
Voyage of souls - Mystic hymns cried.

4. Encounter In The Deep Shadows

I hear a scream within the misty fog. I see the
lights of the gods of total end of time. I am alone
freezing in the eternal sleep, come to me and bleed
upon the throne of dawn.
Sing for me gods of the ancient skins, lonely wizard
within the woods. Darkened face has taken my
eternal wish, now I bow and await. I am granted
mighty dark wings for flight, infernal power,
infernal crown. Now I?m god, god of the darkest
skies, I fly away to the bells.
Labasu - Come to me,
Namtaru - Awaken me.

5. Visions Of The Pagan Lord

Dark sky above awaits my cry of the sacred hymn.
One thousand souls are calling me. I give no answer.
The god above has prepared the gates bound
in iron chains. In pain mysouls rises blind of
sense, I hear no sound.
Kingdom in flames surrounds the chants of the
arrival. A blury haze, a shiny path, a mystic
voice. I am guided by the voice on the shiny path
in the never ending tunnel. At the end of the tunnel
I see a beast. He speaks to me...
"Your human spirit haw now arrived at the end
of the silver path. Thy soul shall burn in eternity.
Choose my path of blood and pleasure, and you
shall be saved from the eternal flame."

6. Meditation Before The Kill

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