Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult

1. Unholy Magic Attack

Sing the song of the seven winds as I spit the dragons fire.
I summon deities of hate through unholy magic spells.
Surging unto the cosmic realms in the search of ancient moan.
From the chasms of asmodeus storms of chaos shall unleash.
Chanting under skies of titan moons
Invoking solitary demons
Wicked screams rising from a thousand thrones
Shadows covering temples of doom.
OH! How I bleed, my blood summons the black lord.
Eyes of might, fire so brigth, black sky lighten from the evil horned moon.
Unholy magic attack
Roll the drums in satans name
Infinite spells of hate I cast from my moon throne.
Chanting words of doom to enemies of mine
Attack with might
Unholy victory!!!
NAAMAH, NAAMAH the shadowed one
SHAMDON, SHAMDON the evil one
ASHTART, ASHTART the fire son
BERITH, BERITH the evil duke.

2. Those Of The Night

Storms of fire
Bring my master
Winds of evil
Bring my master
Summoning the ancients of doom
Calling from the shadows of dawn
Standing on the altar of stone
Raising satans legion up high
Gathered in the ancient woodlands
Celebrating seeds of all sin
To the sounds of hell
In the lonely night
Those of the night, so full of might,
Like the darkest dreams,
So unreal but true
Black priest speaks
All hail thee!!
Bring to me
Chanting to the bringer of sin
Serpent god below
Hiding in the veil of black
As the mighty legion attacks
Those of the night, so full of might,
Like the darkest dreams,
So unreal but true.

3. The Initiation

Hidden secret sabbat summoning my name
On my way to satan to give the kiss of shame
Flaming pagan fire burning high at night
Wild copulation in the fullmoon light
Atmosphere so wicked as the mass begins
Deep inside the forest
Where the dark lord reigns
I renounce the god of the christian faith
I deny the virgin and trample on the cross
OH!! Master grant me your knowledge
OH!! Master grant me your power
Take me and teach me your ways
I will serve you forever
With my human blood I sign my secret name
In the book of shadows I will now remain
Invocvation chanted standing in a circle
In the name of satan ceremony ends.

4. Empire Of Luciferian Race

Rise... pagan ones
Rise... satans sons
Rise... shields and swords
Rise... sounds of war
Destroy realms of light
Burning heavens throne
Reigning ancient ways
New world here to stay
Satan lives, satan lives,
Satan lives, satan lives.
Rise... red eyed beast
Rise... fullmoon god
Rise... black abyss
Open seven gates
Stand high knowledged ones
Fire summons thee
We are thy new breed
Satan lives, satan lives,
Satan lives, satan lives.
Legions marching
War drums beating
Weapons striking
Christians falling
New world reigning
Pagan victory
In the name of satan, lucifer and baal
Hail the ancients and their mighty realm
I raise the torches flaming high above
Lord of nature I worship thee.

5. Summoned By Ancient Wizards Under A Black Moon

Rituals in the night under black moon skies.
I will open gates of unknown time.
I will breathe my fire towards the cosmic eye.
In the crypt shadows sounds of black arise
Immortality I seek.
Winds of death, thrones of black
Call the ones as I chant
Far beyond the end of space
I invoke the voice of time
Summoning ancient gods
Raising the torches high
Master of all black arts give my
Soul the wings
Far before all time, far beyond all time
I shall fade away in the fire realm below...
Stars that hide
Endless time summoned by wizards
Moon demons hear the call
Eternal black thrones await
Infinite I am an endless
Like eternal flight through the cosmic sea
Moon and stars of night I shall worship thee
You have granted me immortality of life
Here in kingdoms of shadows eternity
Remains dark and true... Roam through realms of truth.
More ancient than time I am for I have no life of flesh...
Death lives in time
Mystic melodies of cryptic winds,
Carry the voices of
Fallen tears... Fly, high, OH!!
Fly through stars of red fire, I fly beyond light.
Total pagan worship at night
Wizard voices summon moon skies
Eclipse enshrouds ancient woodlands
Mighty shadows flocking black wings
I am thy one summoned by thee
Cosmic body grant me immortality.

6. Journey To Infernukeorreka

Gathered in a magic circle singing ancient hymns
In the name of satan.
Bring me to the mystic lands mighty prince of
Hell for I seek the power.
Cosmic guardiance of the stars is the path
I worship for my pagan journey.
Sounds of moaning winds blowing through
The skies of eternal black.
"Worship - Satan - Worship"
Witches soaring through the skies to the streams
Of hell from belial's cult.
Rites of carnal lust in the ancient caves,
Goat on the altar bray.
Killing on the pentagram draining all the blood
As the victim weeps.
Lord of wickedness we summon you shedding
This childs black blood... bleed!!
Blessed in the fire of night, Lucifer I serve.
Hail!! Oh mighty one!! With this kiss of shame.
Marked with your claw, chalice fills with blood.
Gates, open wide, offer me your flames.

7. Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult


8. Mighty Wargod Of The Templars (Hail Baphomet)

Christian warriors in the fields defending
White light realms of god.
Raising flags of war up high,
Blood and flesh we shed with might.
Crushing, killing on command,
These are weapons from the black.
Ancient war cult of holy lands
Surging into lands of fire.
Dark evil dungeons where
We hide contain secrets of the left.
You satan we only hail in the form of BAPHOMET.
Ancient infernal beast with black wings,
In the night we summon thee
Flaming torch of knowledge burns
On thy goat head with wicked horns.
Chanting all unholy names to thee
Mighty king of kings.
Burning children for my god
Offering dripping fat and blood.
We deny any god of feeble faith
Lucifer faithfully we bow to thee
So to you we raise our swords from shadow thrones.
Universe of ancient blood from mutilation rituals on the cross as
I chant the pagan hymns.
I am the one summoning the mighty war god
Cutting into my own flesh...

9. Solitary Death In The Nocturnal Woodlands

Night of the black sorrowfull moaning winds blowing.
Through these melancholic woods how I feel so dead here,
Sad and cold as I hear crypt sounds of moan.
Only thought of sorrow bring me down to the pits of bottomless black.
In this endless extreme tomb of weeping sadness,
I am embraced by the cosmic force of night.
Pain dooming... death coming...
Shadows of misery are casted by
The fullmoon light and stars of hellfire shine.
Feeling the weak and enshrouded, shall I remain in grieving,
Pain surrounded by lone.
Death I seek in solitary as I begin to hear the voices of melancholic doom.
Suicide in lonesome lands of endless.
Sadness burns within my final thought of shun.
Moan bleeding... die weeping...
Dying alone in the woodlands isolated
In my empire of solitary death.
Total sadness, total darkness, total coldness, total pain.
Satan I invoke you with my death under the black sky of night.
Dean, dead, satan I am dead...

10. Hail The Cult

So it is done
Our ritual is complete
We leave the infernal regions
Our ancient cult is no longer hidden
We exit the ritual chamber

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