Obscure Verses for the Multiverse

1. Force Of The Floating Tomb

Moons of titans, dead black sphere
Lord of skies, silent altar
Esoteric floating tomb
Like a shroud of the heavens

In the shadows of its craters
On the mountains of its ruins
Solar rays carve its valleys
Endless graves reign in caves

Raise the Chalice!
Strong as lightning is the force
Gravitation... force of gods
Invocation of its mass
As a spirit floats and mourns

Raise the chalice!

2. Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons

Ancient mystic kingdom
Mystical sphere
Music of the cosmos
Launching as spears

Sounds on the horizon
Blasting in the skies
Spirits of the cosmic
Battlefields in mist

Universe of Satan
Universe of all
Flowing massive darkness
Energy that flows

Far into the eternal
Unseen horizons
Only through the cosmic eye
Knowledge will arrive

Dark one

Pillars of the temple
Crumble with fear
Towers of the golden horns
Blowing hymns of war

Blood of the unholy
Casting rays of light
Ride upon the beams of light
Truest one

3. Obscure Verses For The Multiverse

Blackest skies where you shine
Greatest one, lord of stars
Spewing from the dragon's mouth, flowing ancient cosmic sea
From the ancient text you read verses for the multiverse

Streams of fire, new creations
Portal open, lord arises
From dimensions where you came, ruler of creations key
On thy head a golden crown, high upon a throne you reign

Only darkness in the skies
When you came, light was shined
Wisdom from cosmic snakes of dimensions you create
Spawning humans as a slave serving kings of astral thrones

4. Spiritual Plasma Evocation

Rising as a king, flying through the blackness
Echoes of wicked screams soaring through the starlit skies

Rays of hate from Satan's eyes, curse of death to you I cast
Drink the serpent's venom seed, fall now you doing one

Majesties of moonless skies
Spirit of the darkest one
Master of the golden sun
...evocation rites of death

Chanting to the darkest one
Summoning the fallen son
Master Satan rise as king
...rays of plasma now attack

As the fire fills the sea
Poison vapors carry me
Thrones of mystic ones shall rise
...rays of plasma now attack

5. Master Of The Cosmological Black Cauldron

Demon of unholy mystic black force
Lord of the black holes open your gates
Majesty I worship dominate with fury
Master of cosmos, king of all kings

Valley of the shadows boil from fire
Rays from the black goat shine like a chalice
Leader of the reptiles, spirit of the cult
Rise to the glorious cauldron of stars

Satan, demon star... highest of the gods
Wisdom from your light, power from the dark

Fire in my open hands
Burning all the holy sons
Serpent of the crimson flame
Spitting venom from his throne

Chanting to the darkest force
Striking bells of cosmic doom
Energy of mystic songs
Music for the stars

Ancient wisdom from the moons
Reigning over feeble ones
Lucifer the Universe
Universe the eye

Matter of the darkest one
Skeletons of dust
Constellations are the sign
Reigning over holy ones

Satan, demon star... highest of the gods
Wisdom from your light, power from the dark
Journeys I shall seek through your portal soul
Forests in the skies gleaming towards the abyss

6. Joined By Dark Matter, Repelled By Dark Energy

Lonesome moon, silent tomb
Darkness holds magic veils

Fly... fly into the winds of stars
Rise... rise above the cosmic seas

Lifeless skies joined by mass
Maze of black, force unseen

Where... where the caves of death embrace
Rites... rites through mystic astral planes

Fly... fly into the winds of stars
Rise... rise above the cosmic seas

7. Arrival Of Eons After

When the blackest winds
Burn the holy one
And the falling stars
Crush the sacred ones

When the moon turns black
And the sun is red
As the orbits rest
Total darkness reigns...

When our eon dies
We shall see the truth
Like a dying star
We shall praise its past

8. Inversion Of Ethereal White Stars

Rise above the mystical ones
Shining throne that ignites the skies
From its life shall come its death
I invoke the inversion of stars

Astral songs are the hymns of war
Mass of black energy reigns
Through the holes of cosmic worms
Like a god in the valley of moons

Black sun rays of the throne - lord of the eternal fire
Black shadow of the skies - king of the ancient star

As I chant to the primal night
Wizards mourn to the ending of times
White stars fall through the cosmic eye
Golden horns now bray up high

Black sun rays of the throne - lord of the eternal fire
Black shadow of the skies - king of the ancient star

9. Infinite Interstellar Genocide

Massive black doom holes open dimensions
Rays of the darkness shadow the light realms
Lord of the black wings, bringer of war
Coffins are open, Satan arise

Cosmos of Satan, cauldron of coil
Strength of the orbits, strong as the gods
Master of masters, ruler of stars
Clash of the dark gods, end of all life

Bells of the temples, sounds that I seek
Massive destruction, poison of war
Tombs are invoking spirits of stars
Cosmos of chaos, end of all time

10. Where Darkness Is Lord And Death The Beginning

[Digipack Bonus Track]Melancholy moan of mystic wind
Melodies of sadness that sing the hymn
Towers casting shadows over graves of loan
Fire on the torches now dies with gloom
Walking on a path of lonesome doom
Silence of a night when death arrives
Travel through the tunnel when life shall end...
Never finding light at the end.

Symphony plays... music of the dead and darkness sings
Funeral chants... wicked lord of song and words of sorrow
Pagans dance... holding black torches as a symbol of death
Lonesome tomb... summons me to eternal realms

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