Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

1. Astral Path To Supreme Majesties

Far in the night sky a path is born
Stars form the path
and carry my soul
Cosmic fire of the stars I ride
High I rise as a master of skies

Lonesome realm where the
spirits are dust
Poison clouds are the breath of

Tunnels of death are invisible wings
Mystique moons are floating tombs

Black cosmic sea, I sing to
Open the path, oh! Majesty

Infinite universe as
silent as death
In this coffin I lay to rest

bodies guide me to the throne
Now I have joined the cosmic

Black cosmic sea, I sing to thee
Open the path,
oh! Majesty

2. Command Of The Dark Crown

Wind and fire of the cosmic eye
Take me to where the wisdom lies
Ancient crown of the blackest thrones, grant me power of fury and death
Crystal gods I smash with might by command of the crown
I serve King and prince of the black abyss, rise up high as I sing your song
Under skies of a moonless night torches burn with a mystic glow
Deep in the forest where spirits roam demons speak in their ancient tongues
Blood from the heavens now drip to earth filling the soul with virgin blood
On this mountain of dismal peaks, horns are brayed for the heathen one

3. Desolate Funeral Chant

Wraith / oh! Cryptic One I see - black / the veiled one chanting near
Bray high songs of death, call tombs where they hide
Sad dark hymns in the air, black - the covered one roaming near
Winds chant songs of death, graves deep, open wide
I roam through somber woods, death, the shadow one in the mist
Wings flock to my crypt, I fly to my throne

4. Cosmic Invocation Rites

Cosmic invocation rites summon ancient war
Members of the ancient cult chanting to the stars
Demons of unholy ones gather upon our call
Powers from the stars above give us strength of fire


Journey through the tunnel eye on the path to moons
On the lonesome worlds of dust solar rays shine
Flying through the rays of death rising as a king
Satan, you, I call upon... spirit of my soul.


Cosmic realm - Satan's eyes
Endless black - where light dies

Falling stars - Satan's rise
Magic rays - burn with might

5. Conjuration


6. Upon The Fire Winged Demon

Black mountain silent winds here I stand in the lonesome lands
Bright sun wheel in the sky spinning the cosmic realm
Demon of the golden star flock your wings for me to ride
I await your rays of light, Lucifer the one of light
Black are the heavens of the trinity
Demons of fire I speak to thee
Forces of Satan carry me
Fire winged demon flies away free

7. Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Rise of the fire cult through cosmic eyes
Moon has arisen as a king
Those of the fire realm summon your name
Songs for the doctrines and the cosmic sea

...for the mystical ones I sing

Trance of the masses through astral light
Sounds of war drum soars through skies
Rites of the temple honoring stars
Mystic chanting to lords of night

...for the mystical ones I sing

Intro doctrines of the cosmos
Black hole portal consumes all light
Roam through black paths in your journey
.. Deep within the macrocosm

8. Crepuscular Battle Hymn

Claws carving deep into wounds of war
Blood dripping slow from my axe of steel
Crushed from the blow of my hammer strike
Thrones made of gold crumble from the blast

War, lord of mine bring me holy blood
Knife in my fist aiming to the gods
Black is the fire burning from the throne
Ash, falling down as the heavens burn

Black spell calls... death!
Black spell calls... war gods strike!

9. Hymn For A Dead Star

The lonesome star has faded far... into the grave of cosmic storms.
The dying rays of silver light... all form the sign of Satan's rise.
Falling dead star, crushing God's throne, spinning heavens, death reigns as king
Fire burning, cosmos freezing, portal opens, glooming altars

10. Across The Abyss Ancient Horns Bray

Through cosmic chaos, through burning stars, abyss horns now bray.
The dark is calling infernal beings on paths of fire
The valleys open where mountains rise and winds are moaning
A past is hidden where moon rays shine like astral light

"Deep in the shadows wings take to flight through clouds of chaos where stars die."

The kingdom closes through which I fly as darkness opens
Our Earth has opened as lunar craters become infernos
As ancient hymns call I sing the song in caves of sorrow
The echoes wander with lifeless moan as horns are braying.

"Deep in the shadows wings take to flight through clouds of chaos where stars die."

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