1. The Adored Cry of Olympus

Zeus rains upon us
And from the sky comes down
enormous water
Rivers have turned to ice

Dash down the water
Throw a log on the fire
And mix the flattering
wine and bind on round our foreheads
Soft ceremonial wreaths of spun fleece

We must not let our spirits give way to grief

2. Eumenides

In the primeval dark of earth-follows held in
high veneration with rites sacrificial

Bless them, all people, with silence

Gracious be, wish what the land wishes
Follow grave goddesses
Flushed in the flame sprung torchlight

Gay on your journey
Singing all follow our steps

Horns, Horns, oh high, oh aspiring
Daughters of night, aged children, in blithe processional
Bless them, all people, with silence

There shall be peace forever
Between these people of Pallas and their guests
Zeus the all-seeing met with Destiny to confirm it
Singing all follow our steps

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