Kawir / Scythian

Scythian - Grunwald (Anno Satanae 1410)

In Nomine Patri... Fili... Spiritus Sancti... DIE.

Two swords are the wages of sin,
Enslave the east and all within.
We ride like devils through the mist,
We bear the cross with iron fist...

With iron fist!

Anno Satanae 1410.

I see the mighty clash of eighty-thousand men,
I hear the king of murder laughing in the hells,
I smell the taint of blood exploding in the air,
I feel the deathly touch of sabre, bolt and spear...

The eagle falters, his horses turn to flee,
I cut the infidel with fury and with glee,
I slay the righteous for my faith has made me blind,
I see their ranks implode before me...


Grandmaster! We go to the fray...
To penitence and death!
The rumbling guns, the wrath of God...
Behold, the terror of men!

A curse upon Jagiello!
He will fall before his savage kin,
And the hounds of Vytautas...
They will perish for their sin!


Stand to, regain your courage!
We are reborn invincible!
Jelal-ad-Din! Unleash your arrows!
We rush to aid our fallen men!

The wrath of God shall turn against the order!
We'll desecrate their bloody feast!
They send assassins to penetrate the forest!
Their desperation does not cease!

They mass like serpents...
The serpents gather at their feet,
We will envelop them...
Like flies upon the beast!

O sons of Litva!
Reclaim your honour!
Perkunas quickens us,
We howl into the terror!
We'll suffer death before...


Kawir - Titanomachy

Titanes Te Theoi Kai Osoi Kronoe Exeyenento
Oi Men Othreos Titanes Oi Thar Ex Olempoe Theoi
Oi Ra Alleloisi Machen Themalye Echontes
Senecheos Emachonto Theka Pleioes Eniaetoes.

Zees Ischen Eon Menos
Keraenoi Vronte Te Kai Asterope
Poteonto Apo Choiros Stivares
Ieren Floya Eile Foontes Tarfees

Anemoi Enosin Te Konien Te Esfrayizon
Vronte Te Kai Asterope Kai Aithaleonta Keraenon
Kela Thios Meyaloio Feron The Iachen
Es Meson Amfoteron

Flox The Aithera Thian Ikanen
Aspetos Osse The Ammerthe
Ifthimon Peri Eonton
Aeye Marmairoesa Keraenoe Kai Asteropes
Yaia Kaiomene Kaema The Thespesion Katechen Chaos

Titanes Epo Chthonos Eereotheies Pempsan Eis Tartaron
Entha Theoi Epo Zofo Eeroenti
Kekrefatai Voelesi Thios Eis Nefelothin Choro
En Eeroenti Pelores Eschata Yaies

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